Dislyte: Espers

Dislyte features more than 30 unique Espers for players to procure and to play with, and some characters are better than others.

Dislyte is an exhilarating mobile game that invites players to immerse themselves in an urban, mythology-themed world.

Unfortunately, the world was invaded by various enemy races, so ordinary people transformed into god-like beings to defeat them.

You are able to fight alongside these heroes, otherwise known as Espers, in a futuristic setting to defeat the enemies and restore peace and harmony in the world.

The game offers players stunning content with beautifully illustrated storylines of Espers. Every Esper has a unique personality and appearance, since they are all based on gods of worldwide mythologies.

The game currently contains more than 30 heroes for you to summon and play with. It is worth noting that every hero possesses unique skills which are determined by their mythological god.

Espers received their talents, appearances, and abilities from Egyptian, Greek, Chinese, and Northern European gods.

It is alleged that the game revolves around these heroes, as you cannot defeat monsters and participate in the gaming modes without them. There are several methods with which players can procure Espers, though the general way is through the Echo system.

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What is the Echo system?

Even though you will receive Espers by progressing in the game, it is recommended that you use the Echo system to acquire additional heroes.

The Echo system is the in-game gacha system. The heroes you get through Echo are generally very powerful and rare compared to the other heroes. Echo also allows players to summon raging rarities of Espers by using a few different summoning currencies.

You can earn these currencies by advancing in the game or you can purchase them with real-life money. This gacha system usually consists of varying banners, each of which have their own unique Espers.

The following table indicates the banners and gives a description of each:

Banner Description

Normal summoning banner

Players can summon any Esper between 3-stars and 5-stars at any time.

Rate-up summoning banner

You can summon any Esper between 3-stars and 5-stars, but the specific rate-up hero of the banner has a higher chance of being summoned. This banner is only available for a limited time.

All new players benefit from the beginner’s banner, which enables them to summon any Esper between 3-stars and 5-stars, but they can only do this up to 10 times.

You are guaranteed to summon 1 Legendary hero during this time. Allegedly, players will either receive Li Ling or Tang Xuan.

Dislyte- Jacob
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Dislyte: Espers

Espers are essentially characters that you can collect and acquire from different areas of the game, as mentioned above.

Many players believe that Espers are the key to progressing faster and more efficiently in the game. The stronger your Espers are, the faster you can clear higher-level content and move on to the next stage of the game.

Before you focus on improving your Espers, though, it is advised that you understand the affiliation and attribute system.

The affiliations are divided into 3 categories, namely Esper Union, Shadow Degree, and Wanderer. Attributes have 4 categories, namely Wind, Flow, Shimmer, and Inferno.

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Both Espers and enemies have affiliations and attributes. Thus, you should remember that Inferno is stronger than Wind, but Wind is more powerful than Flow. Flow is stronger than Inferno, and Shimmer is neither stronger or weaker than any other Elemental Class.

Players should attempt to create teams that consist of differing Elemental Classes, so that they can easily defeat enemies. Attacks that belong to a superior class gain a 15 percent chance of triggering a critical rating. Additionally, they have a 50 percent chance of causing an Elemental Boon.

Attackers that belong to a disadvantaged Elemental Class have a 50 percent chance of missing their attacks. To make forming teams easier, you can view potential enemies before the turn-based battle starts.

This gives you a huge advantage, as you can create your squad with specific Elemental Classes for a higher chance at clearing the stage. The game also recommends a team formation to you if you are uncertain which Espers you should use and combine.

Keep in mind, though, that this is only a recommendation and you do not have to use their recommended team if you do not want to. Players can select any Espers to be part of their battle team, however, it is advised that they consider the Elemental Classes before choosing the heroes.

How to improve your Espers

Once you understand the Elemental Class mechanic, you should focus on improving your Espers. It is advisable that you improve Mona first, as she can help you clear the various stages relatively quickly, and she also helps other Espers increase their level, by obtaining experience points.

Below, we take a look at some of the ways you can improve your Espers:

Method Description


You can enhance some of your Espers’ abilities by going through the Ascension process. Ascension materials can be acquired from the Sonic Miracles, but remember that they are element specific.


Promotion is increasing an Esper’s Star value, which not only increases their base statistics, but also their level cap. Your hero first has to reach the maximum level before they can be promoted.


This is the quickest way to enhance your heroes’ base statistics, but it is very expensive. It requires that you feed the Esper a duplicate copy of the hero you want to enhance. For example, you can feed a duplicate copy of Mona to her before you have decided which statistic you want to improve.

Levelling up

It is the main way to improve your Espers; it increases their base statistics significantly. Keep in mind that Espers can only be levelled to their maximum potential, which is determined by their current Star Level.

Who are the best Espers in the game?

The Espers in the game are divided into tiers, determined by their skills, statistics, and talents. The S-tier contains the best Espers in the game that are generally the rarest, so they are extremely difficult to acquire. The lowest tier has the worst heroes in the game.

In the following table below we outline some of the S-tier heroes:

Esper name Description


Gabrielle is a 5-star Wind element unit that can deal a lot of damage to enemies. She is one of the best heroes in the game, because she can support her allies while her skills defeat her foes.

Lin Xiao

Lin Xiao is a Shimmer element 4-star hero that has powerful damage-dealing skills. Many players believe that she is the best damage-per-second (DPS) Esper currently in the game.

Ye Suhua

Ye Suhua is a Shimmer elemental 3-star Esper that is classified as a supporting unit. She can be procured from the Ripple Dimension, and she is allegedly the best 3-star hero in the game.


She is a Flow element, 5-star hero and is allegedly the best healer in the game. Her healing comes in a continuous form and not in burst heals.


Unas is a Shimmer elemental 5-star hero that is one of the best supporting characters in the game. He can deal damage as well as being one of the best ability points (AP) boosters available.
Dislyte: Unas
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How to build a squad

As mentioned above, players have the opportunity to build a team of Espers before participating in a turn-based battle. The problem, however, is that there are many heroes, which makes it difficult to build the perfect team.

To build the perfect team, you must consider which Espers you have, their skills, and whether you need support or damage-dealers. Moreover, the heroes you put in your team depends on which activity you are performing.

The table below highlights the best team composition for every gaming mode or activity:

Activity Team composition

Story mode

·   2-3 damage-dealing Espers

·   2-3 supporters

Spatial tower

·   2 damage-dealers that have area-of-effect skills

·   3 healers


·   2 damage-dealing heroes

·   3 supporters

·   Espers with control abilities


·   2-3 damage-dealing units

·   2-3 supporters

·   Espers with dispelling skills and immunity buffs


·   1-2 damage-dealers

·   3-4 healers

·   Espers with defence buffing and debuff cleansing

Cube Miracle

·   2-3 damage-dealing Espers

·   2-3 Healers

·   Espers with a high speed

Dislyte: Tyranny of Zeus
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Final thoughts

Players are invited to immerse themselves in a mythology-themed world in Dislyte, a thrilling mobile game. However, this world was recently invaded by enemies.

To restore peace and harmony in the world, ordinary people received talents from mythological gods and became superheroes with great powers.

You can fight alongside these heroes, called Espers, in a futuristic universe that features incredible storylines. Every Esper possesses unique talents, appearances, and personalities, as they are all based on gods of worldwide mythologies.

There are numerous methods players can use to procure new Espers, and the most common way is to summon a hero through Echo – the in-game gacha system.

Once you have enough Espers, you can create teams and participate in turn-based battles. It is advisable that you first fully understand the Elemental Class mechanics before participating in battles.

Players have to improve their heroes throughout the game, as Dislyte’s content increases in difficulty every time they advance to the following stage.

You should bear in mind that certain Espers possess better statistics, skills, and talents than others. It is advised that you create squads comprising S-tier Espers as it will likely make your battles easier.

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