Dislyte: Li Ling

Dislyte contains unique heroes that players can acquire, one of which is Li Ling, who players have a big chance of getting from the Beginner’s Benefit Banner.

Dislyte is a newly-released mobile game that allows players to fight turn-based battles with incredible heroes. The official description of the game reveals that the world has been invaded by powerful enemies, but to fight these monsters, ordinary people had to transform into god-like beings.

The game is set in a futuristic setting, in which you can enjoy stylish content with beautifully-illustrated storylines of heroes, otherwise known as Espers. Espers received their talents and abilities from gods of worldwide mythologies, which also gave shape to their appearances and personalities.

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Why are Espers important?

There are more than 25 Espers in the game for you to summon and play with. Every hero possesses unique skills determined by their mythological god. Espers received their powers from Greek, Egyptian, Northern European, and Chinese gods.

The Espers are an essential part of the game, as you will not be able to defeat monsters, complete quests, and participate in the game’s events without them. Many players believe that their heroes need them just as much as they need their heroes.

Dislyte: Li Ling

One of the heroes you can obtain in the game is Li Ling, who uses the powers of his celestial benefactor, Nezha. This god derives from Chinese mythology and is a deity and patron saint of young adults. Nezha acts as a damage dealer whose power scales to match the number of debuffs targeting the enemy.

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As you advance the game, you will discover and receive many types of gear sets. Though you can equip your Espers with any gear sets, some sets may suit specific heroes better than others. The following table lists the recommended gear sets for Li Ling:

Set number Name Description
1 Wind Walker (4 pieces) This set will increase Li Ling’s speed by 25 percent
  Fiery Incandescence (2 pieces) Li Ling’s critical rate will be increased by 20 percent
2 War Machine (4 pieces) It will increase Li Ling’s attack by 30 percent
  Fiery Incandescence (2 pieces) It increases her critical rate by 20 percent

Li Ling’s skills

Li Ling obtained his powers from Nezha, which means that all of his skills and abilities are based on Nezha’s powers. The table below outlines Li Ling’s skills and a description of each:

Skill name Description


Li Ling attacks all enemies 3 times, which deals damage equal to 30 percent of the attack. Furthermore, he deals True Damage equal to 6 percent of the target’s maximum health points and up to 80 percent of Nezha’s attack

Tai Chi

He attacks an enemy 5 times and each hit deals damage equal to 30 percent of the attack, with 50 percent of the damage dealt converted into healing.


Li Ling deals damage to an enemy equal to 110 percent of the attack while absorbing 15 percent of their AP.

Li Ling’s statistics

Keep in mind that all heroes start with base statistics, however, their statistics can be improved through various means. Improving statistics can be a costly process, so it is recommended that you carefully select which Espers you want to invest in.

The table below lists Li Ling’s base statistics:

Statistic Amount
Attack 1204
Health Points 12 392
Defence 861
Speed 105

How to procure Li Ling

Li Ling can be procured in various ways, though the most common way is through the gacha system, called Echo. This system is essentially a summoning system that enables players to summon different rarities of heroes using differing summoning currencies.

New players can enjoy the Beginner’s Benefit Banner which allows them to summon a hero between 3-stars and 5-stars.

You can only use this buff for 10 times during the early stages of the game, though. With the Beginner’s Benefit Banner, payers are guaranteed to summon a legendary Esper, one of which is Li Ling.

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Final thoughts

in Dislyte players are invited to fight alongside heroes with powerful skills in an urban, mythology-themed universe.

Unfortunately, this universe was invaded by enemy races, so to fight these monsters, ordinary people became god-like beings. It is now your responsibility to create teams of Espers and save the world.

One of the Espers you can procure in the game is Li Ling, who is an epic hero based on the mythological god, Nezha.

Li Ling is a powerful damage dealer, whose power scales to match the number of debuffs targeting the enemy. Most players summon this hero from the Beginners’ Benefit Banner during the early stages of the game.

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