Dislyte: Unas

One of the Espers you can procure in Dislyte is Unas, who is a legendary unit that received his talents from the Egyptian god, Shu.

Players are invited to fight alongside incredible heroes in this mythological-themed mobile game, Dislyte.

Unfortunately, the world in the game was recently invaded by powerful creatures, so to defeat them, ordinary inhabitants became god-like beings with superpowers. In this horrific time, it is your responsibility to create teams that can save the world.

The game takes place in the near future, and you are able to enjoy sophisticated content with beautifully illustrated storylines of heroes, which are also known as Espers.

All the Espers received their talents from gods of worldwide mythologies, which also determined their appearances and personalities. There are numerous methods with which to acquire an Esper, however, the most common way is through the Echo system.

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What is Echo?

Echo is a summoning system that enables you to summon various rarities of heroes, using summoning currencies. Players can procure these currencies as they progress in the game. Echo generally contains a range of banners that consist of varying Espers.

The following table outlines the banners and a description of each:

Banner Description

Rate-up summoning

Players can summon any Esper of between 3-stars and 5-stars, but the rate-up unit has a higher chance of being summoned. This banner is only available for a certain time.

Normal summoning

You can procure any hero between 3-stars and 5-stars from this banner. Furthermore, it does not have an expiration date.

Beginner’s benefits banner

Every player will benefit from this banner; but they can only use it up to 10 times. You are guaranteed to summon a legendary Esper.

Dislyte: Unas

One of the Espers you can acquire is Unas, an extremely powerful legendary unit who specialises in the Point War.

You will be able to attack first when you have him in your team, which is very advantageous in Point War, though he is incredibly useful in all gaming modes.

Unas is currently 42 years old and identifies as a bounty hunter. His attribute is Shimmer and his affiliation is Wanderer. Unas is voiced by the well-renowned Mike Rad.

Dislyte: Unas
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It is advised that players acquire Unas as soon as they can. He received his statistics, appearance, talents, and abilities from the powerful mythological god, Shu. The following table lists Unas’ abilities and gives a description of each:

Ability Description
Gale Force (active skill) Unas deals damage equal to 90 percent per 10 percent speed of attack to all enemies. Moreover, it increases his allies ‘AP’ by 30 percent. This skill has a cooldown of 3 turns.
Zephyrus (passive skill) If Unas is not immobile at the end of the turn, the skill grants all allies Immunity for 1 turn.
Follow the Wind (active skill) Unas attacks 3 times and each hit deals damage equal to 35 percent per 10 percent speed of attack. This skill has a 60 percent chance of inflicting a defence debuff for 2 turns.

Which gear should Unas use?

As you make progress in the game, you will receive numerous gear sets. Gear sets can increase your Espers’ statistics when equipped. Though players can equip their heroes with any gear sets, some sets perform better with specific Espers.

The following table indicates the recommended gear sets for Unas:

Gear set number Name Description
1 Wind Walker (4 pieces) It increases Unas’ speed by 25 percent
  Master Grove (2 pieces) This set increases the wearer’s health points by 25 percent
2 Wind Walker (4 pieces) Unas’ speed is increased by 25 percent
  Fiery Incandescence It increases Unas’ critical rating by 20 percent

Unas’ statistics

All Espers in the game start with base statistics, however, these statistics can be improved using multiple methods. The following table lists Unas’ base statistics:

Statistic Amount
Attack 1084
Speed 106
Defence 992
Health 12 392

In addition to statistics, Unas can also be equipped with relics, which have their own statistics. The following table highlights the recommended relic statistics for Unas:

Relic Statistic
UNA II Health point or defence
UNA IV Health point or defence
MUI II Speed

What are relics?

Relics are materials that can be engraved into your Espers to increase their statistics. They can also provide heroes with additional effects depending on the set and the type of relic being used. You should consider relics as equipment, as they also come in sets, rarities, stars, and slots.

Players can procure relics by participating in the Ritual Miracle, where they need to defeat dungeons and bosses, or by joining the Cube Miracle, Relic Forge, and participating in in-game events.

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Final thoughts

Dislyte is an exciting mobile game that allows players to immerse themselves in an urban, mythological world.

The world, however, was invaded by enemy races, so, to defeat the monsters, the inhabitants transformed into god-like beings with extraordinary powers. It is your responsibility to create squads in order to restore peace to the world.

One of the heroes, otherwise known as Espers, that you can procure in the game is called Unas. Unas is a legendary unit that received his powers from Shu. Even though Unas can be used in all gaming modes, he performs best in the Point War.

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