Dislyte: Wish Stickers

Players can collect Wish Stickers once they have joined a Clan in Dislyte for a chance to procure an additional Esper.

Dislyte is a new mobile game in which players can immerse themselves in an urban, mythological world. Regrettably, various enemies invaded the world, so ordinary people became divine beings to fight them. It is your responsibility to form squads that can restore peace to the world.

The game takes place in the near future and offers players modern content with excellently-illustrated storylines about Espers, which are the heroes of the game.

Each Esper has a distinct personality and appearance, uniquely determined by the mythological god in whose likeness they were created. Furthermore, Espers have unique talents and skills to use in battles.

Why are Espers important?

Espers are in-game characters that you can summon, collect, and use in a range of activities in the game. Many players claim that Espers are the key to advancing faster and more efficiently in the game. The stronger your Espers are, the faster you will clear the game’s content.

Hence, it is advised that you improve your heroes as quickly as possible, as they have a substantial influence on your overall gameplay. Without Espers in your team, you cannot complete the main campaign of the game.

Dislyte: Wish Stickers

Dislyte’s developers, LilithGames and Farlight Games, occasionally introduce new content and features to keep players interested and engaged in the game. In one of the recent updates, the game introduced the Record Assist feature.

It is noteworthy that players can only access this feature if they are part of a club, which is described as an in-game guild. Once you are a member you can post a Wish Card every day and you can choose any elemental class, including Inferno, Flow, and Wind.

Dislyte: Wish Stickers
© Farlight Games

A Wish Card has 4 to 5 random Record Fragments that match your card’s elemental class. Once you have collected 3 Wish Stickers of the same elemental class, you can exchange them for a corresponding Wish Card.

Players should note that they can receive Wish Stickers as rewards for completing daily tasks or signing into the club every day. Alternatively, you can purchase a Wish Sticker from the Friendship shop for approximately 100 Friendship Points.

You can also procure a 3-star to 5-star Esper of the same elemental class when you have 20 Record Fragments of the specific element. This means that you need to procure 20 Wind Record Fragments before you can summon a Wind Esper.

What should you do if your Wish Stickers have reached the maximum capacity?

Every player can only hold a certain number of Wish Stickers in their inventory, meaning that there is a possibility they can reach the maximum capacity. If this happens, you have to use your Wish Stickers on either yourself or on your fellow club members.

To use a Wish Sticker, go to the club menu, located at the bottom of the screen, on the left-hand side. In the club menu, you will see a “Help” feature. This is where players can ask their friends for help.

You can place your Wish Stickers on other player’s Wish Cards, which may help them eventually procure an additional Esper.

Dislyte: Wish Stickers
© Farlight Games

What is the Club Shop?

Players receive a certain number of Club Points once they have collected 3 Wish Stickers. The Club Points can be used to purchase items in the Club Shop. You can access this shop by clicking on the shop icon in the bottom right corner of the Club menu.

Some of the items you can purchase with Club Points are as follows:

Item Price (Club Points)
Melanie Ripple 200
Elite Experimon 300
Experience point booster 400

How to join a club

You need to be part of a club to get access to the Record Assist feature, as previously stated. The club feature, though initially locked when you first start playing the game, will unlock once you have met the specific requirements.

You can then apply to any of the clubs in the recommended list. Players should bear in mind that they can only apply to a certain number of clubs at a time. Alternatively, you can create your own club, which costs approximately 500 gems.

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