Dislyte: Mona

The first Esper you will procure in Dislyte is Mona, a powerful hero who can deal insane damage-per-second and area-of-effect damage.

Dislyte is a popular role-playing mobile game that invites players to fight alongside heroes with incredible powers in an urban, mythological-themed world.

Unfortunately, this world was invaded by powerful enemies, so to fight these monsters, the inhabitants became god-like beings. In this difficult time, it is up to you to create squads that can defeat the enemies.

The game takes place in the near future, and it offers gamers stylish content with beautifully illustrated storylines of heroes, otherwise referred to as Espers.

Espers take on diverse appearances and personalities, since they have all received their powers from gods of worldwide mythologies.

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Why are Espers important?

There are currently more than 30 Espers in the game that you can summon and play with. Every hero has unique talents and characteristics, which are determined by the mythological god from which they got their powers.

Espers can receive their powers from Northern Europeans, Greeks, Chinese, or Egyptians. Espers are an essential part of the game without which you would not be able to defeat monsters and progress in the storyline.

It is claimed that your heroes need you just as much as you need them. It can take some time and effort to summon an Esper, but players will receive their first hero during the early stages of the game.

Dislyte: Mona

When you first start playing the game, you have to complete a tutorial mission that helps you understand its mechanics work, including the gacha system. After completing your first pull in the gacha feature, you will receive your first Esper, named Mona.

Dislyte mona
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Your main focus, as a new player, is to increase her level to 60 as soon as possible. Mona is the best beginner hero as she features insane damage-per-second and area-of-effect damage. For this reason, she can help you in all aspects of the game.

Players receive double experience in the first 7 days of playing the game, so they should make the most of it. Focus on improving and upgrading Mona during this time, as she will help you clear enemy waves quite fast, while levelling up other heroes and fodders.

Fodders is a term that describes 2-star or bad 3-star Espers, and players usually sacrifice them to upgrade their other heroes.

What are Mona’s skills?

As mentioned above, every Esper has a unique set of strengths and abilities that are determined by their mythological god. Since Mona got her powers from Artemis, she is extraordinary and has a heart of gold. The following table highlights Mona’s skills and gives a description of each:

Skill name Description


Mona deals damage equal to 130 percent of the attack when she strikes an enemy. She will gain an additional turn if this attack kills the enemy.

Hunter’s Mark

She deals damage equal to 70 percent of attack to all enemies. Furthermore, she restores health equal to 30 percent of total damage dealt.

Lunar Hail

Mona attacks all enemies 4 times, while dealing total damage equal to 130 percent of attack. Damage from this attack is increased by 30 percent upon a critical hit.

Additionally, Mona has a captain ability which enables her to increase her allies’ attack by 24 percent.

Gear recommendations

Though you can use any gear on Mona, some gear sets perform better with her skills than others. The following table indicates 2 ideal sets for her, their corresponding gear, and a description of each:

Set number Gear Description
1 Wrath of Jupiter set (4 items) It has the ability to increase Mona’s attack by 30 percent.
  Fiery Incandescence (2 items) This gear set will increase Mona’s critical rate by 20 percent.
2 Hades set (4 items) 35 percent of Mona’s damage dealt is used to regenerate health points.
  Fiery Incandescence (2 items) It will increase Mona’s critical rate by 20 percent.

Can Mona be upgraded?

Similarly to all the Espers in the game, Mona can be upgraded to increase her statistics, and improve her abilities and skills.

There are various methods that can be used to improve a hero, such as going through the ascension process, collecting relics, and promoting them. Furthermore, you can enhance their abilities and guide them through the resonance procedure.

mona dislyte stats
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All of these methods can be tricky to understand, so new players should first focus on increasing Mona’s level before attempting the other methods.

Final thoughts

Players can fight alongside various heroes in this popular mobile game, Dislyte. It is set in an urban, mythological world that was recently colonised by numerous enemies.

To defeat these monsters, the citizens became awakened, god-like beings. In these dark times, it is your responsibility to create a squad and defeat the monsters.

The first Esper you will acquire in the game is Mona, who is the best starter hero, as she has insane damage-per-second and area-of-effect damage.

She can thus help you in all aspects of the game. It is recommended that you increase her to level 60 as quickly as possible, so that you can use her to improve your other heroes.

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