Dislyte: Sally

Sally is one of the best Espers in Dislyte, however, the chances of obtaining her are extremely slim, since she is a 5-star Legendary unit.

Dislyte is a riveting mobile game that invites gamers to fight alongside powerful heroes in turn-based battles.

The persistent world of the game was invaded by horrific enemies, and in an attempt to defeat them, ordinary inhabitants transformed into divine beings with unique talents. It is now your responsibility to restore peace and harmony to the world.

This game offers you modern content and storylines of heroes, also known as Espers, that are beautifully illustrated.

Even though the game takes place in the future, Espers are somewhat replicas of past mythological gods from across the world. You can acquire heroes using different methods, but the most common way is through Echo.

What is Echo?

Echo is the in-game summoning and gacha system, through which gamers can summon varying rarities of Espers using different summoning currencies.

Players first have to procure a summoning currency before they can pull for an Esper, fortunately, you can get these currencies as you advance in the game.

You will normally only find 1 banner in the gacha system, however, the rate-up summoning banner is occasionally active. This allows players to summon a specific Esper whose summoning chances are higher than usual.

It is worth noting that beginners can benefit from the beginner banner. This banner gives beginners their first Legendary Esper, but it can only be used 10 times during the early stages of the game. You are guaranteed to summon a Legendary hero one of those 10 times.

Dislyte: Sally

One of the 5-star Espers you can acquire in the game is Sally, who got her powers from Sif, a golden-haired goddess associated with earth. Sally assumes the role of supporter in battle, as she has the ability to heal her allies.

Dislyte: Sally
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She is a 28-year-old Med-Team Operations Chief and is part of the Esper Union affiliation. Sally has the Flow attribute, which means that she is weak against Wind units, but stronger than Inferno heroes.

Similarly to other Espers, Sally possesses unique talents and abilities that she can use on the battlefield. Sally’s skills can be described as follows:

Skill Description
Ode to Joy Sally enters the Sweet Harvest state for 2 turns while rendering Sif immobile. She dispels a debuff from and heals every ally for 20 percent of their maximum health at the beginning of their turn.
Universal Sally dispels debuffs from her allies and evens out their health points. Furthermore, she grants the entire team with an attack up buff for 2 turns.
Light Call Sally attacks an enemy 3 times, and every time she deals damage equal to 30 percent of the attack. She has a 40 percent chance of granting immunity for 2 turns.

In addition to the above-mentioned abilities, Sally also has a captain ability. She can increase her team’s resistance by 40 percent when she is allocated the captain slot during team formation.

Gear sets for Sally

As you advance in the game and participate in activities, you will get different gear sets. Although you can equip Sally with any relics and gear, it is not advisable that you do.

This is because certain gear and relic sets can significantly improve her statistics and skills, which, in turn, will influence her performance on the battlefield.

Thus, you should equip Sally with the following gear:

Set number Name Description
1 Abiding Panacea (4 pieces) It increases her healing efficacy by 30 percent
  Master Grove (2 pieces) Sally will benefit from an additional 25 percent of health points
2 Abiding Panacea (4 pieces) This set increases her healing efficacy by 30 percent
  Adamantine (2 pieces) All allied Espers start the battle with a shield equal to 20 percent of their health

Can Sally be upgraded?

There are numerous methods you can use to upgrade Sally. That being said, it is advised that you focus on increasing her level before attempting other ways.

Once Sally has reached a higher level, you can start the Ascension progress, which not only increases her base statistics, but also enhances some of her abilities.

The table below outlines her upgrades through Ascension:

Ascension phase Upgrade
1 Sally’s health increases by 950
2 Her defence increases by 70
3 Sally’s skill Ode To Joy upgrades
4 Sally’s health is increased by 10 percent
5 She benefits from an additional 15 percent defence
6 Her resistance is increased by 20 percent

Is Sally one of the best Espers in the game?

Sally is considered one of the top Espers in the game and is seen as the best healer in various gaming modes.

Unfortunately, she is a 5-star Legendary hero, which means that you can only procure her through the Echo summoning system, but the chance of summoning her is only 1 percent.

Dislyte players who have managed to obtain Sally can use her in any team formation as she has dual purpose.

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