Dislyte: Helper Espers

In Dislyte, players can use their friends’ Espers in their team with the Helper Esper system, but they need to have a friend list to access it.

Dislyte is a thrilling mobile game that allows players to enjoy turn-based battles in an urban, mythological universe.

Unfortunately, the universe was invaded by powerful enemies, so ordinary people became superheroes, otherwise known as Espers to fight them. In these dark times, it is your responsibility to create squads and defeat enemies.

The futuristic game allows you to experience stylish content with incredibly illustrated storylines of your Espers. Every hero has a unique appearance and personality, as they are based on various mythological gods worldwide, which also determine their skills and talents.

Dislyte: Helper Espers
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How to acquire an Esper

Players receive additional Espers as they advance in the game, and the most common way to get an Esper is through the in-game gacha system called the Echo system. This summoning system allows players to summon different rarities of Espers, using summoning currencies in the game.

Some of the currencies you can use to summon Espers are as follows:

Currency Description

Gold Record

Players can use these records to summon an Esper from any banner.

Elemental Class Record

Elemental Class Records are class specific, meaning you can only summon an Esper of the same class as the record. For instance, if you have a Wind Record, you can only summon a Wind Esper.

Platinum Record

Platinum Records can only be used to summon a 4-star or 5-star Esper. They are mostly used on the Echo system and not on banners.

Dislyte: Helper Espers

You can enjoy Dislyte with friends since it is an online multiplayer game. Moreover, you get the opportunity to talk to other players in the game using the chat option, and you can add other players as in-game friends.

Once you have added people to your friend list, you will gain access to the Helper Espers feature. This feature allows players to use their friends’ Espers to “help” them in battle, and their friends can use one of their heroes to help them in their battles.

Dislyte: Helper Espers
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Players should note that the Helper Esper feature is not available in all gaming modes. You can only use this feature in specific activities such as the Ritual Miracle.

In the team formation menu, you will find an icon right above your collected Espers which has a single character on one side and 2 characters on the other. You can access the Helper Esper system by clicking the side with 2 characters.

Where is your “Friend Assist” located?

To access your Friend Assist menu, head to the Friends’ menu, which is one of the options at the bottom of the main menu. In the new menu, you can discover your in-game friends, you can send and receive gifts, and you can visit the Friend Shop.

Furthermore, you can view the Friend Assist menu by selecting the corresponding tab at the bottom of the screen. Here you can see the weekly Friend Assist leader-board and your Helper Esper.

Players can change their Helper Esper by clicking on the little blue icon located in the bottom left corner of their current Helper Esper’s profile.

Dislyte: Helper Espers
© Farlight Games

How to add a player as a friend

It is noteworthy that you need to have in-game friends to be able to access the Helper Esper feature. To add people to your friend list you can head to the in-game chat option, which is always quite active.

There you can select a few people who are participating in the chat by clicking on their profile. Here you can view the person’s profile, send them a private message, add them as a friend or even block them.

Alternatively, you can add friends by heading to the friend menu where you will find an icon that recommends friends to you. Here you can send players on the recommended list friend invitations.

How many times can you use the Esper Helper feature?

Players should bear in mind that they can use the Esper Helper feature a maximum of 50 times a day. There is no limitation regarding which friend’s Esper you use as part of your squad.

So, for instance, you can use friend A’s Esper 50 times or you can split it so that you use friend A’s Esper 30 times, friend B’s Esper 10 times, and friend C’s Esper 10 times, as long as you do not exceed 50 uses in a day.

Final thoughts

Players are invited to fight alongside great heroes in this urban, mythology-themed mobile game, Dislyte. Unfortunately, the persistent world was invaded by enemies, so the citizens became god-like beings with unique superpowers to defeat the enemies.

It is your responsibility to create teams to restore peace and harmony in the world. You will get the opportunity to enjoy the game with friends, since it is an online, multiplayer game.

Once you have added other players to your friend list, you can enjoy the Helper Esper feature, which, essentially, allows you to use one of your friend’s Espers in your team. Similarly, your friends can also use one of your Espers in their teams.

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