Dislyte: XP farming

The fastest way XP farming in Dislyte is by letting your squads complete the Practice Stages in the story mode.

Players can immerse themselves in an urban, mythology-themed world in this role-playing mobile game, Dislyte.

Unfortunately, the world was invaded by various enemy races, so ordinary people gained powers and became god-like beings in order to defeat these creatures. It is your responsibility to create squads that can defeat the enemies.

The game takes place in the near future, and it offers gamers exceptional content with beautifully-illustrated storylines of heroes, called Espers.

These heroes are created based on gods from worldwide mythologies that gave shape to their skills, abilities, personalities, and appearances. It is worth noting that Espers need experience points to advance in the game.

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What is an experience point?

An experience point (XP) is a unit of measurement that is used in most role-playing games to quantify your character’s life experience and progress in the game. These points are generally awarded for completing missions, defeating enemies, and for successful role-playing.

Your heroes start in the game as weak and untrained, however, once they have garnered a sufficient amount of experience, they will level up and achieve the next stage of character development.

This increases the hero’s statistics and can sometimes unlock new skills. Levelling up can also give players access to additional activities and features.

Dislyte: XP farming

Though to some experience points may seem like a simple feature, they are a crucial part of the game. This is because they increase your characters’ levels, which will, in turn, increase their statistics and abilities.

For this reason, most players will want to farm experience, meaning that they want to gain as much experience as possible, as quickly as possible.

It is alleged that the Practice Stages in the story mode are the best place to gain a lot of experience. Subsequently, your Espers will reach new levels much quicker. However, the rewards for completing Practice Stages are, unfortunately, relatively low.

Furthermore, new players should make the most of their experience bonus, which is activated for the first few days.

During this time, gamers can try to complete as many of the quests, stages, and missions to gain as much experience as they possibly can. You can also purchase a 24-hour experience-boost from the in-game shop.

Which Espers should you use for farming experience?

Players receive a powerful Esper during their first 10 pulls at the gacha system. It is advised that players use this Esper, whether it is Li Ling, Biondina, or Gabrielle, as part of their squad. Because this is a Legendary Esper, they will be able to carry the rest of the squad, even if they are only on level 1.

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Along with the Legendary Esper, you can also place Mona in your squad, as she is one of the best starter heroes. You can equip both these Espers with the Hades gear set, which increases the amount of damage they deal.

Can Espers be improved?

You will notice that your Espers’ statistics, levels, and skills improve as they gain more experience. However, there are other methods you can use to improve your heroes, such as going through the ascension process, collecting relics, and promoting them.

Furthermore, you can enhance their abilities and guide them through the resonance procedure. All of these methods can be tricky to understand, so new players should first focus on increasing their heroes’ levels by gaining experience.

Which Esper should you first upgrade to 6-star?

There are many heroes in the game, each of which can be upgraded to 6-stars. However, it is advised that new players first upgrade Mona to 6-stars as she is one of the best units to clear the experience or upstages.

mona dislyte
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Mona features 2 area-of-effect attacks which enables her to deal damage to all enemies simultaneously. Once she is fully upgraded, Mona will be able to carry her squad through the most difficult stages of the game.

Final thoughts

Dislyte is a popular mobile game that invites players to fight alongside heroes in an urban, mythological world.

Regrettably, the world was invaded by enemies, and to fight these monsters, ordinary citizens gained powers and became god-like beings. It is now up to you to defeat the enemies and restore peace to the world.

As you progress in the game, you will acquire a variety of heroes, otherwise known as Espers. Your characters need experience points to reach new levels, and subsequently, become stronger.

Players should, therefore, gain as many experience points as they can, as fast as they can. It is recommended that you complete the Practice Stages of the story mode to farm experience.

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