Dislyte: Debuffs

Dislyte offers players many different debuffs, which are negative status effects that hinder your Esper’s performance in battle.

Players can immerse themselves in this urban, mythological mobile game, Dislyte. Regrettably, enemies invaded the imaginative world, so in an attempt to defeat them, ordinary inhabitants transformed into divine beings.

It is your responsibility to fight alongside these heroes, otherwise known as Espers, to restore peace to the world.

Even though the game is set in the near future, Espers are somewhat replicas of past mythological gods from across the world.

Players can experience stylish content with beautifully-illustrated stories of these heroes, as they assume dissimilar appearances, skills, and personalities. Furthermore, every Esper has unique buffs and debuffs that help them on the battlefield.

What are buffs and debuffs?

A buff refers to an effect that can be placed on oneself or on allies to increase a specific statistic. However, some buffs can apply an entirely new skill or ability on either the caster or on allies. A debuff can be placed on an enemy to reduce their statistics or skills.

That being said, debuffs can also place an entirely new effect on an enemy, which can influence their performance on the battlefield.

Players should note that Espers do not all feature the same buffs and debuffs. Hence, you should carefully consider your Espers’ skills, buffs, and debuffs before creating a team.

Dislyte: Debuffs

Even though debuffs may seem like they are an insignificant feature, they can influence your gameplay notably.

Similarly to Espers, enemies and bosses have the ability to place debuffs on your heroes, in which case your heroes will not be able to perform as expected during battle. Luckily, some debuffs can be cleansed and counterattacked.

Some of the debuffs you can encounter while playing Dislyte are:

Debuff Description
Attack down It reduces attack by 40 percent.
Death It inflicts additional damage equal to 5 percent of the target’s maximum health points upon dealing damage.
Diseased The target cannot be healed.
Sear Increases damage received by 25 percent.
Poison The target loses 4 percent of maximum health points at the beginning of the turn.
Stun The target cannot deal any damage to enemies.
Defence down It reduces the target’s defence by 60 percent.

In addition to the above-mentioned debuffs, the game also has numerous buffs. As such, it can be quite confusing to know which are beneficial status effects, and which are negative effects. You can keep an eye out for the icons below during battle to know which is which:

Icon Description
It highlights effects that ignore accuracy and resist
Beneficial status effects, otherwise known as buffs, are indicated with this green icon
Negative effects, or debuffs, are highlighted in red
Unremovable effects are indicated by a golden icon

Which Espers have debuffs?

It is important to know that not all Espers can place debuffs on enemies, and only a few can apply buffs on allies. The table below outlines some of the debuffs, and which Espers can inflict them:

Debuff Espers
Attack down
  • Donar
  • Gabrielle
  • Falken
  • Lynn
  • Anesidora
  • Q
  • Ye Suhua
  • Kara
  • Luo Yan
  • Lin Xiao
  • Chalmers
  • Layla
  • Leon
Eye of Horus
  • Falken
  • Raven
  • Trevor
  • Xie Chuyi
  • Leon
  • Lu Yi
  • Brynn
  • Kaylee

How to dispel debuffs

Some Espers have the ability to cast a spell to dispel or counterattack a debuff inflicted by an enemy. Others can apply a buff, which can remove debuffs from allies. The table highlights some buffs that can be used to dispel a debuff:

Buff name Effect Esper
Immunity The ally cannot be debuffed
  • Donar
  • Jin Yuao
  • Sally
  • Cecilia
  • Unas
  • Fabrice
Remove debuffs It removes 1 or more debuffs from allies
  • Sally
  • Celine
  • Cecilia
Sweet Harvest At the beginning of each ally’s turn, it dispels a debuff from them and provides them with healing.

What are accuracy and resist?

All heroes in Dislyte feature varying statistics, including accuracy and resist. The success of any ongoing debuffs from an Esper or boss is initially judged according to its chance to trigger.

Once the judgement has been made, if the target’s resist minus the attacker’s accuracy is lower than 20 percent, the target has a 20 percent chance of blocking the debuff.

However, if the target’s resist minus the attacker’s accuracy is higher than 20 percent, then that is the amount of the target’s chance to block the debuff.

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