Dislyte: What to do with extra Espers

In Dislyte, players can feed the duplicate Espers to the primary Espers in their collection to enhance their base statistics.

Players are invited to immerse themselves in this urban, mythological mobile game, Dislyte. Dislyte’s persistent world was recently invaded by many enemy races, so ordinary people became divine beings with unique powers to defeat the enemies.

In these horrific times, it is your responsibility to create teams that can restore peace to the world. The game offers players contemporary content with brilliantly illustrated storylines of heroes, otherwise known as Espers.

Despite the fact that the game is futuristic, Espers are created based on past mythological gods from various parts of the world. This tells us that every Esper has a unique personality, appearance, and abilities.

What is the objective of Espers?

Espers are the characters of the game that you have to procure before you can use them in activities and gaming modes offered in the game.

They are essential to progressing in the game, as you cannot clear a stage and defeat enemies without them. The stronger your Espers are, the faster you can clear the game’s content.

Hence, the objective of Espers is to enable players to clear content, defeat enemies and partake in several gaming modes. It can be said that the game revolves around Espers, as players need them to fully enjoy the game.

Dislyte: What to do with extra Espers

Players should take note that they can improve their Espers using numerous methods, one of which is the Resonance process which enhances the base statistics of your Espers, however, this is an expensive method.

This method requires players to feed an Esper a duplicate copy of the Esper they want to enhance in their collection.

In other words, if you have Drew in your collection, but you just summoned another Drew card, you can use the duplicate Drew and feed it to the Drew in your collection to increase his base statistics.

It is worth noting that you do get the opportunity to decide which statistics you want to enhance after feeding the duplicate hero to the one in your collection.

It is important to note that this is currently the only way to get rid of extra Espers in your collection. If you choose not to feed a duplicate to the primary hero, the duplicate will not be able to join a battle and he or she will not receive experience points either.

If you decide to complete the Resonance process, though, the primary Esper will be upgraded.

Dislyte: What to do with extra Espers
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How to procure Espers

You can get new or extra Espers by heading to Echo, which is the in-game gacha and summoning system. With this system, players can summon different rarities of heroes by using summoning currencies. You can earn these currencies as rewards for completing certain stages in the game.

Echo usually has distinctive banners that consist of various Espers. Each banner can be described as follows:

Banner Description

Rate-up summoning

You can summon any Esper of between 3-stars and 5-stars, but the rate-up hero has a higher chance of being summoned. This banner is only active for a certain duration.

Normal summoning

You can procure any hero between 3-stars and 5-stars from this banner at any time, as it does not have an expiration date.

How to commence the Resonance process

If you have received a duplicate copy of one of the heroes that is already in your collection, you can commence the Resonance process by heading to the Esper menu.

Find the primary Esper you summoned a duplicate of and after clicking on their avatar, 3 tabs will appear, one of which is Resonance.

Players should then select the Resonance option in the middle of the screen before choosing the duplicate Espers. Once the process is complete, you can select whether the duplicate Espers’ points go into the primary Esper’s health, attack, or defence.

Dislyte: What to do with extra Espers

How many times can an Esper go through the Resonance process?

You can allegedly feed the extra Espers to the primary Espers in your collection up to 6 times, as this is the current limit in the game.

This may be a problem for some players, as it is still possible to summon extra Espers from Echo, but they cannot feed them to the primary hero once they have reached the limit.

This means that there can be multiple extra Espers in your collection, and you cannot use them if you have reached the maximum number of Resonances. The game’s developers, Farlight Games and Lilith Games have yet to address this problem.

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