What mythology is in Dislyte?

Dislyte currently features 4 mythologies, each of which has several Espers whose skills, appearances, and personalities are determined by their mythology.

Dislyte is a popular mobile game that invites players to fight alongside powerful heroes in an urban world.

Regrettably, this world was invaded by enemies, and in an attempt to defeat them, the citizens became god-like beings. It is now your responsibility to restore peace and harmony to the world.

In Dislyte, you can enjoy stylish content with incredibly-illustrated storylines of Espers, who are essentially the heroes of the game.

Each Esper is created in the likeness of a past mythological god that gave shape to their personalities, skills, appearances, and talents. This has led many Dislyte players to wonder which mythologies are in Dislyte.

What is mythology?

A mythology is a collection of myths about a specific person, culture, religion, or any group that has shared beliefs. A myth is a story about the olden days, which generally features supernatural characters.

There are many types of mythologies, however, they are sorted into 3 categories, namely Historical Myths, psychological myths, and etiological myths. Etiological myths usually explain why a certain thing is the way it is, or how it came to be.

Historical myths recall an event from the past, but elevate it with greater meaning, and psychological mythos present a journey from the known to the unknown.

What mythology is in Dislyte?
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What mythology is in Dislyte?

While playing Dislyte, you will collect Espers with unique skills and abilities. It is noteworthy that an Esper’s skills are determined by their mythology. There are 4 mythologies in Dislyte, but the game’s developer might add additional mythologies in the future.

The table below lists each Mythology, and the characters that are affected by it:

Chinese Egyptian Greek Norse
  • Zong Nan
  • Ye Suhua
  • Xie Yuzhi
  • Xie Chuyi
  • Xiao Yin
  • Unky Chai
  • Tang Yun
  • Tang Xuan
  • Ren Si
  • Luo Yan
  • Lu Iy
  • Long Mian
  • Lin Xiao
  • Li Guang
  • Li Ling
  • Li Ao
  • Jin Yuao
  • Jiang Man
  • Jiang Jiui
  • Heng Yue
  • Chang Pu
  • Bai Liuli
  • Ahmed
  • Asenath
  • Berenice
  • Cecilia
  • Djoser
  • Drew
  • Elliot
  • Falken
  • Kara
  • Kaylee
  • Laura
  • Lauren
  • Layla
  • Lynn
  • Narmer
  • Nicole
  • Ollie
  • Sander
  • Tevor
  • Tiye
  • Unas
  • Zelmer
  • Zora
  • Alexa
  • Anesidora
  • Arcana
  • Biondina
  • Bonnie
  • Celine
  • Chloe
  • Clara
  • David
  • Dhalia
  • Gaius
  • Helena
  • Hyde
  • Lewis
  • Lucas
  • Melanie
  • Meredith
  • Mona
  • Ophelia
  • Q
  • Sienna
  • Stewart
  • Taylor
  • Alice
  • Ashley
  • Aurelius
  • Bardon
  • Brynn
  • Catherine
  • Chalmers
  • Donar
  • Eira
  • Fabrice
  • Freddy
  • Garbielle
  • Hall
  • Jacob
  • Jeanne
  • Leon
  • Nick
  • Pritzker
  • Raven
  • Sally
  • Triki

It is crucial to note that every Esper is created based on a specific Mythological character. For instance, Mona is one of the first characters that you will be able to play in Dislyte.

Dislyte: Mona
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She is based on Artemis, who is the goddess of the hunt and the wilderness, which includes nature, wild animals, and vegetation.

Drew is based on Anubis; an ancient Egyptian god of the dead. Since he is represented as a jackal, Drew has a long face with sharp ears.

How to collect Espers

Players only have a few Espers in their collection when they start playing the game. These characters can help you clear the first stages of the game, but you need to acquire stronger heroes as you progress in the game.

To gain additional Espers, you have to perform rolls at Echo; the in-game gacha and summoning system. However, you first have to get summoning tokens, which you can earn by completing quests and clearing stages.

In Echo, there are various summoning banners. The normal banner allows you to summon any Esper, and the rate-up summoning banner allows you to pull a specific Esper.

Who is the best Esper?

When you are considering who the best Esper is in Dislyte, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, players should know that there are dissimilar roles in the game, like a supporter, damage dealer, and a tank.

This means that Unas may be the best supporting Esper, but he is not the best damage dealing character.

For healers, Sally and Clara are considered the best, and Gabrielle is the best offensive support Esper. Lin Xiao is the best damage dealer in the game. It is quite difficult to acquire these heroes, as they are extremely rare.

Will there be other mythologies added to Dislyte?

It is unknown whether the game’s developer will introduce additional mythologies. However, since Dislyte’s release, they have added several new Espers based on 1 of the 4 mythologies. So players can expect new Espers in the near future.

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