Dislyte: Best healer

Sally is allegedly the best healer in Dislyte, as she has the ability to apply buffs and debuffs on her allies while keeping them alive.

In this urban, mythological mobile game, Dislyte, players can participate in turn-based battles against incredibly powerful enemies. Players can fight alongside great heroes, also known as Espers, who were once ordinary inhabitants.

In order to save the world, which was invaded by enemies, these inhabitants became god-like beings who received their talents from mythological gods worldwide. In these dark times, it is your responsibility to restore peace and harmony to the universe.

The game takes place in a futuristic setting and presents players with elegant content that features beautiful storylines of Espers.

Since Espers are created in the images of gods from worldwide mythologies, they take on various appearances and have unique personalities. Players should note that every Esper plays a specific role in the game.

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What is the objective of Espers?

Espers are essentially your characters which you can collect and use in an array of areas of the game. Many players believe that Espers are the key to progressing faster and more efficiently in the game.

It is worth noting that the stronger your heroes are, the faster you can clear the game’s content. That being said, the objective of having Espers is to clear the game’s stages, and to allow you to participate in the various activities that the game has to offer.

Espers are a crucial part of the game and you cannot progress and defeat enemies in the game without them.

Dislyte: Best healer

As mentioned above, every Esper in the game takes on a specific role on the battlefield. This means that certain heroes deal damage to the enemies, while others heal their allies when they are running low on health points.

An Esper’s role depends on their talents and powers, as some only have damage-dealing skills, while others only have abilities to buff their allies.

It is worth noting that some heroes have stronger abilities and better statistics than others, which can potentially classify them as the best in the game.

Many players believe that currently, Sally is the best healer because she has extremely strong healing abilities and she can apply buffs and debuffs on her allies.

Sally is a 28-year-old hero that identifies as a Med-team Ops Chief. She is part of the Flow Elemental Class and her affiliation is the Esper Union.

Dislyte: Best healer
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Sally’s skills

Sally’s official description states that she is a determined audiologist of the Union. She is delighted to channel the goddess, Sif’s healing melodies. Sally’s skills are as follows:

Skill Description

Light Call

Sally attacks an enemy 3 times and each hit deals damage equal to 30 percent of the attack. It also has a 40 percent chance of granting Immunity for 2 turns.


She dispels debuffs from all allies while evening out their health points. Moreover, she grants the entire team an attack buff for 2 turns.

Ode to Joy

Sally enters the Sweet Harvest state for 2 turns, rendering Sif immobile. She also dispels a debuff from her allies, while healing them for 20 percent of their maximum health points at the beginning of their turn.

How to procure Sally

Players can get Sally by summoning her from the in-game gacha system, Echo. The system allows players to summon various ranges of rarities of Espers by using summoning currencies, which can be earned as you advance in the game.

The different banners in the game are:

Banner Description

Normal summoning banner

This banner allows players to summon any Esper between 3-stars and 5-stars. You can access and use this banner at any time.

Rate-up summoning banner

Players can summon an Esper between 3-stars and 5-stars, but the rate-up hero has a bigger chance of being summoned. This banner is only active for a limited duration.
Dislyte: Best healer
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Which sets should Sally use?

You will discover and get a variety of gear sets and relics as you progress in the game. You can equip your Espers with any sets, but it is important to note that some gear sets perform better with certain heroes than others.

As such, it is advised that you equip Sally with the following gear sets:

Set number Name Description
1 Abiding Panacea (4 pieces) It increases the healing efficacy by 30 percent.
  Master Grove (2 pieces) This set increases Sally’s health points by 25 percent.
2 Abiding Panacea (4 pieces) It increases the healing efficacy by 30 percent.
  Adamantine (2 pieces) It enables Sally’s allies to start the battle with a shield equal to 20 percent of their maximum health points.

Final thoughts

Players are invited to fight alongside powerful Espers in this mythological mobile game, Dislyte. The persistent world was invaded by various enemy races, and to defeat them, ordinary people transformed into god-like beings with superpowers.

It is your responsibility to form teams that can fight to restore peace to the world.

The ideal team consists of damage-dealers and supporters, who have the ability to heal their allies. Many players consider Sally the best healer in the game, as she can apply buffs and debuffs to her allies while keeping them alive.

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