Dislyte: Immunity

The Espers in Dislyte can provide your team with buffs, one of which is Immunity, and it makes all your heroes immune to debuffs.

Dislyte is a new mobile game that allows players to fight alongside powerful heroes in an urban, mythological universe. Unfortunately, the world was invaded by enemies, so to defeat them, inhabitants became divine beings with unique powers.

In these dark times, it is up to you to restore harmony to the world. The game offers players stylish content with incredibly-illustrated storylines of Espers, who are your characters in the game.

Even though the game takes place in the future, Espers are based on past mythological gods from across the world. Espers have unique skills, buffs, and debuffs to help them defeat enemies.

What are buffs and debuffs?

Similarly to Espers, bosses and enemies also have the ability to apply buffs, debuffs, and effects on others.

Buffs and debuffs may seem like somewhat simple features, but they can have a significant impact on your gameplay, as your Espers cannot use their skills during a battle if a buff or debuff has been placed on them.

It is worth noting that different Espers have varying buffs and debuffs. Hence, players should ensure that they know what their heroes’ skills are before using them in a turn-based battle, as the buffs and debuffs can increase or decrease the chances of defeating the enemies in a battle.

Dislyte: Immunity

The game currently offers players more than 10 buffs and debuffs to use, one of which is Immunity. This buff essentially makes your Espers immune to all debuffs that enemies can place on them.

It is worth noting that the Immunity buff is only active for a certain number of turns before it disappears. You then have to recast the buff to protect your squad from powerful debuffs.

Not all Espers can provide the same buffs and debuffs to their allies. In the table below, we list all the Espers that can provide the Immunity buff to the team:

Esper Description
Donar Donar is one of the best Espers in the game, since he can provide many buffs to his allies.
Jin Yuyao Jin Yuyao has a passive skill that allows her to gain ability points and makes her immune to immobilisation abilities.
Sally Sally focuses on healing her allies while removing debuffs, however, she can also increase damage reduction and attacks.
Cecilia Cecilia is a supporting Esper who offers her allies healing and revival.
Unas Unas is an extremely powerful Legendary Esper who can offer his allies significant immunity and ability point benefits.
Fabrice She is a strong supporter who can provide very useful buffs for her allies, including invincibility and immunity.
Chang Pu Chang Pu is a powerful healer and supporter who can provide his allies with an Immunity boost while keeping them alive.
Lynn She is a single target damage dealer who provides numerous buffs to her allies, including Shield and Immunity.
Dislyte: Immunity
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Why should you use the Immunity buff?

As mentioned above, enemies have the ability to apply debuffs on your Espers, which will have negative effects on them. For this reason, it is important to use an Esper with the Immunity buff in your squad to prevent enemies from placing debuffs on your heroes.

Some of the debuffs that can be applied to your heroes during a battle are:

Debuff Description
Attack down Reduces an Esper’s attack by 40 percent.
Death It inflicts additional damage equal to 5 percent of the target’s maximum health points upon dealing damage.
Defence down It reduces an Esper’s defence by 60 percent.
Diseased The Esper who receives this debuff cannot be healed.

How to create a team

Players have to create a team of Espers before they can participate in a battle. There are more than 30 different heroes, which can make it quite difficult to know which heroes to use in a squad.

A team typically comprises a few damage-dealers, a few supporters, and a few healers. Thus, you should be aware of your Espers’ skills before creating your team.

The table below indicates the team formation:

Activity Team composition
Cube Miracle ·   2-3 damage-dealers

·   2-3 healers

·   Ideally heroes with high amounts of speed

Fafnir ·   1-2 damage-dealers

·   3-4 healers

·   Generally, healers with defence buffing and debuff cleansing

Apep ·   2-3 damage-dealers

·   2-3 supporters

·   Players should use Espers with dispelling skills and immunity buffs

Kronos ·   2 damage-dealers

·   3 healers

·   Basically, any Esper with control abilities will be successful in this fight

Story mode ·   2-3 damage-dealers

·   2-3 healers

How to procure an Esper

There are various methods to use to acquire new Espers, but the most common way is through the in-game gacha system, known as the Echo system.

It usually consists of various banners that you can use to summon Espers. However, you need specific summoning currencies to participate in this feature. You receive these summoning currencies as you advance in the game.

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