Dislyte: Tyranny of Zeus

Players can procure various gear sets in Dislyte, one of which is Tyranny of Zeus, but it can only be procured by defeating Fafnir.

Dislyte is a newly-released mobile game that allows players to immerse themselves in an urban, mythological universe.

However, the universe was invaded by powerful enemies, so ordinary people became god-like beings to restore peace to the world. In these horrific times, it is up to you to create squads that can defeat the enemies.

As players progress in the game, they can procure a range of heroes, otherwise known as Espers. Every Esper possesses unique talents and statistics and starts with base statistics, however, these can be improved by equipping the Esper with gear and relics.

Dislyte: Tyranny of Zeus
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Why is gear important?

Gear and relic sets, though they may seem somewhat insignificant, play an essential role in the game. This is because gear and relics can improve your Espers’ statistics and skills, which essentially means that your heroes will become much more powerful, and can, in turn, make the game’s content easier.

Even though players can equip their heroes with any gear and relic sets, it is advised that you consider the Esper’s unique statistics and skills before equipping them with any set. This is because some gear and relic sets perform better with specific heroes than with others.

Dislyte: Tyranny of Zeus

One of the gear sets you can get in the game is Tyranny of Zeus, which has the ability to stun the target for 1 turn when damage is dealt. This is a 4-piece set, so you should equip 4 pieces to activate the set bonus.

Players can only receive this gear set if they defeat Fafnir, who is a powerful boss in the Ritual Miracle. It is worth noting that you can only unlock Fafnir’s dungeon once you have reached account level 22. However, you can fight the other bosses, Kronos and Apep, until you have unlocked Fafnir.

Once you have unlocked Fafnir, you can participate in a turn-based battle to defeat him. Players should note that he has 5 levels of health, and for every level of health lost, he gains Andvari’s Treasure which grants immunity to a specific number of attacks and freezes the last attacker.

Dislyte: Tyranny of Zeus
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Which Espers are needed to defeat Fafnir?

The fight against Fafnir is allegedly all about multi-hits and sustaining. Therefore, players should ensure that they have the following Espers in their team:

  • An Esper with the ability to shield or heal their allies
  • Espers that can apply an immunity buff on their allies
  • A hero with the ability to cleanse debuffs
  • Multiple heroes that deal high amounts of damage. Ideally, they should be wearing the Sword Avatara relic set
  • An Esper that can apply an attack and defence debuff to the boss
  • A hero that can dispel buffs
  • An Esper with the ability to revive fallen allies

Fafnir’s health bars

As previously stated, Fafnir has 5 health bars, and they are arguably the toughest part of the battle. This is because Fafnir performs a series of actions once 1 of the bars is defeated. Players have to deplete all 5 bars to successfully defeat the boss.

When you have depleted 1 bar, Fafnir will perform the following:

  • She applies the Icefield Abyss debuff on the hero that attacked her last, which freezes them. It also stops them from gaining ‘AP’ between other turns
  • Fafnir reduces the hero’s maximum health by 25 percent while the debuff is active
  • The boss attacks all enemies
  • She will apply a speed debuff on all enemies for 2 turns
  • Fafnir has a 25 percent chance of stunning allies if they are buffed

To tackle Fafnir’s actions, players must apply an Immunity buff, as it will prevent the Stun or Speed debuff from working. Furthermore, an Esper should use the cleanse debuffs to ensure that any allies that did not receive the Immunity buff will still get to take their turns in time.

Who should be equipped with the Tyranny of Zeus?

Allegedly, Espers perform better if they have the correct gear and relic sets equipped. It is thus advised that players equip Triki with the Tyranny of Zeus set. Triki is a control hero skilled at subverting the enemy’s designs with a mix of crafty debuffs.

Triki is a 23-year-old Esper who identifies as the Hunter’s Guild Captain. His attribute is the Wind, and his affiliation is Wanderer. He is based on the mythological god, Loki, who gave shape to his talents, statistics, appearance, and personality.

Dislyte: Tyranny of Zeus / Triki
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Final thoughts

In this mythology-themed game, Dislyte, you are invited to fight alongside incredible heroes with superpowers. The world was, however, recently invaded by powerful enemies.

So, to save the world, the inhabitants of this world became god-like beings. It is your responsibility to restore peace and harmony by defeating the monsters.

As you advance in the game, you can procure heroes that are also called Espers, and various gear sets. One of the sets you will discover is Tyranny of Zeus, which has the ability to stun the target for 1 turn when damage is dealt. This set can only be acquired by defeating Fafnir, a powerful Ritual Miracle boss.

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