Dislyte: Ripple Dimension

The Ripple Dimension in Dislyte enables players to procure Esper fragments that can be used to summon the specific Esper.

You are invited to fight alongside powerful heroes in this urban, mythology-themed mobile game, Dislyte.

The persistent world was recently invaded by enemy races, so in order to fight them, some of the world’s inhabitants became god-like, mystical beings. In these dark times, it is up to you to restore peace and harmony in the world.

Even though the game is set in a futuristic landscape, all the heroes, commonly known as Espers, are created based on past mythological gods from across the world.

The Espers’ thus have different appearances, skills, personalities, and talents according to the mythological god on whom they are based.

How to acquire an Esper

Players can receive a few Espers for free during the early stages of the game, however, these Espers are usually not very powerful. There are numerous methods players can use to acquire stronger heroes, but the most common way is through the in-game gacha system called Echo.

Dislyte: Ripple Dimension
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Echo allows players to summon different rarities of Espers by using varying summoning currencies they obtain while progressing in the game. There are usually two banners in the gacha feature, namely the normal and the rate-up banner.

As the name suggests, the normal banner allows players to summon any Esper of between 3-stars and 5-stars, at any time.

The rate-up banner, on the other hand, offers a specific hero that has a higher chance of being summoned. You should keep in mind that this banner is generally only active for a specific duration.

Dislyte: Ripple Dimension

Even though most players use Echo to summon additional Espers, some mid and endgame players may choose to use the Ripple Dimension instead, which is not a summoning system, but a gaming mode.

With the Ripple Dimension, players can farm Esper fragments, which can be used to summon an actual Esper. This gaming mode is apparently fantastic, because when it is activated you and your friends can join fights and defeat the boss together.

Once the boss has been defeated, you will be rewarded with Esper fragments. You need approximately 30 fragments of the same Esper to successfully summon them.

Players should note that the Ripple Dimension is not always active, however, once you activate it, it is shared with your friends so that they can join instantly.

It is then shared to all players in the chat after 15 minutes. That being said, it is worth noting that up to 20 players can join a Ripple Dimension once activated.

It is unclear when a Ripple Dimension activates, but some players believe that it may be triggered while they are doing raids in either the Ritual Miracle or the Sonic Miracle.

If you want to trigger a Ripple Dimension, it is advised that you spend some time performing the Ritual Miracle or Sonic Miracle tasks. There is, however, no guarantee that it will activate as the chances are randomly generated.

Dislyte: Ripple Dimension
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Ripple Dimension rules

Allegedly, the aggregation of specific wave energies in close proximity are known to trigger the emergence of a Ripple Dimension. Players must explore and destroy the Phantasms within to collect Esper Ripples. Every Dimension offers up to 5 Esper Ripples.

Once a Ripple Dimension has been discovered, it remains active for approximately 60 minutes before vanishing into the aether.

Thus, players should destroy the Phantasms as quickly as possible. You should pay attention to the world chat to see when a Ripple Dimension has been activated, otherwise you may be too late as it fills up very quickly.

Should you play the Ripple Dimension in the multi-battle feature?

The multi-battle feature allows players to partake in numerous battles simultaneously. This means that you can commence in a battle in the Ritual Miracle, and then start another fight in the Sonic Miracle at the same time. Keep in mind that these battles take place automatically, which means you cannot use the skills your Espers use.

Although you can use this feature in the Ripple Dimension, it is not advisable. This is because the chances are quite low that you will procure a Ripple when the multi-battle feature is active.

Dislyte: Ripple Dimension
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Which Espers can be procured only through the Ripple Dimension?

Players can acquire almost any Esper through the Echo summoning system, but they can only procure Dhalia and Ye Suhua through the Ripple Dimension. The table below describes both Espers:

Esper Rarity Description
Ye Suhua Rare Ye Suhua is one of the best supporters, as she can enhance your squad with numerous buffs.
Dhalia Epic Dhalia is a fantastic supporting hero as she can grant her allies ability point buffs.

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