Dislyte: Kara

Dislyte features more than 30 Espers, one of which is Kara, who can be procured through the Echo system.

Dislyte is a thrilling mobile game that invites players to immerse themselves in an urban, mythology-themed universe.

Unfortunately, the universe was invaded by enemy races, so the inhabitants became heroes with extraordinary powers to defeat the monsters. It is your responsibility to create squads in order to restore peace in the world.

The game is set in a futuristic world, and it offers gamers diverse content with beautifully illustrated storylines of heroes, otherwise known as Espers.

Since they all received their skills and talents from gods of various mythologies, they have different appearances and personalities. There are many ways to procure an Esper, but most players use Echo.

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What is Echo?

Echo is the name of the summoning system in the game. It allows players to summon varying rarities of Espers by using different summoning currencies that they can earn or claim as they advance.

The following table highlights the currencies, and a description of each:

Currency Description

Gold Record

It can be used on every banner

Flow Record

These records can only summon Flow Espers between 3-stars and 5-stars

Wind Record

It can only summon Wind Espers between 3-stars and 5-stars

Inferno Record

These records can only summon Inferno Espers between 3-stars and 5-stars

Shimmer Record

Players can only summon Shimmer Espers between 3-stars and 5-stars

Platinum Record

You can use these records to summon a 4-star or 5-star hero

Dislyte: Kara

One of the Flow Espers you can summon is Kara, who is described as a genius that has always been a force to be reckoned with, especially since she received her powers and skills from Serket.

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The following table lists Kara’s abilities and gives a description of each:

Ability Description


Kara deals damage to all enemies equal to 130 percent of attack, while inflicting Diseased for 2 turns

Deadly Toxin

With every attack Kara deals poison to the target, which lasts for 2 turns. This ability cannot be upgraded.

Scorpion Claw

Kara deals damage to an enemy that is equal to 120 percent of attack. It has a 60 percent chance of inflicting a speed debuff for 2 turns.

Additionally, Kara has a captain ability, which increases allies ‘ACC’ by 40 percent during Ritual Miracle or Sonic Miracle challenges. Players should note that every ability, except for Deadly Toxin, can be upgraded, meaning that the ability will deal more damage to the enemy.

Kara’s statistics

As mentioned above, Kara received her skills, talents, appearance, and statistics from Serket. All Espers in the game start with base statistics, however, they can be improved through various methods.

Improving statistics can be a costly process, though, it is advised that you carefully select which Espers are worth investing in.

The following table lists Kara’s base statistics:

Statistic Amount
Attack 925
Health 14 465
Defence 859
Speed 94

How to improve Kara

There are multiple ways you can improve Kara, though some of the methods require specific items and resources. Ascension, one of the ways, not only increases the Esper’s base statistics, but the third ascension also enhances specific abilities.

That being said, gamers should ensure that the Espers they use in early game are at least ascended till their third phase. Ascension materials can be procured from the Sonic Miracles. Keep in mind that materials are element specific, meaning that you have to acquire Flow materials to improve her.

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Recommended gear sets

As you make progress in the game, you will receive unique gear sets as rewards. Gear sets can increase certain statistics or provide your Esper with an additional skill. Although you can equip your heroes with any gear, some gear performs better with specific Espers.

The following table outlines the recommended gear sets for Kara:

Gear set Name Description
1 Wind Walker (4 pieces) It increases Kara’s speed by 25 percent
  Apollo’s Bow (2 pieces) This set will increase her ‘ACC’ by 25 percent
2 Wind Walker (4 pieces) Kara will benefit from a 25 percent increase in her speed
  Master Grove (2 pieces) It increases Kara’s health by 25 percent

Final thoughts

Players can immerse themselves in an urban, mythology-themed world in this popular mobile game, Dislyte.

Regrettably, the world was invaded by powerful enemies, so ordinary people became god-like beings to defeat the enemies. It is now your responsibility to acquire Espers, form squads, and restore peace in the world.

One of the Espers you can procure is Kara, who received her abilities from Serket. She is a powerful damage-dealer who carries the Flow element. You can procure Kara through the Echo system.

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