Dislyte: Accuracy

There are different types of attributes in Dislyte, one of which is Accuracy, and it determines how likely it is that a hero’s debuff successfully hits an enemy.

Players can fight alongside powerful heroes with unique powers in this urban, mythology-themed mobile game, Dislyte.

Unfortunately, this persistent world is currently being ruled by horrific creatures, and in an attempt to defeat them, ordinary people became divine beings with incredible powers. It is now your responsibility to restore peace to the world.

Set in a futuristic world, the game boasts stylish content and wonderfully-illustrated stories of heroes, referred to as Espers.

Espers are created in the image of past mythological gods, including Egyptian, Chinese, Northern European, and Greek gods. These gods give shape to Espers’ skills, statistics, appearances, and personalities.

What are statistics?

A statistic, otherwise known as an attribute, describes to what extent a character possesses a natural, innate characteristic that is common to all characters in the game.

This means that all the Espers in the game feature the same statistics, however, the quantities in which they possess the specific attribute  vary.

It is important to note that the higher a character’s statistic is, the better they are. Espers with low statistics will struggle to clear mid to endgame content, luckily, there are numerous methods to use to increase a hero’s statistics.

Although statistics may seem like a somewhat unimportant element, they play a crucial role in the game. Every Esper is divided into varying tiers, which are determined by their statistics, among other things.

The higher their base statistics are, the better their tier is. This means that the best heroes in the game are generally in the highest tier, while the Espers with low base statistics are part of the lower tiers.

Dislyte: Accuracy

There are currently 9 base attributes that every Esper in the game possesses, one of these is accuracy (ACC). It determines how likely it is that a hero’s debuff will successfully hit an enemy.

This means that the higher an Esper’s ACC is, the more likely it is that their debuff will successfully hit a target. Ideally, you want your heroes to have more ACC than the target’s RESIST.

Resistance determines how likely it is that a debuff against a hero will fail or miss. The higher a unit’s RESIST rating is, the more likely is it that an attempt to control, or otherwise apply a debuff to this character will fail. Players should have more RESIST than the attacker’s ACC to control their debuffs.

Debuffs refer to effects that are applied to your heroes, or to enemies. Debuffs hinder an enemy’s performance in battle. There are various types of debuffs, but some have stronger effects than others.

The objective of accuracy is thus to increase the chances of successfully applying the debuff to an enemy, however, this will only happen if your ACC is higher than the target’s resistance.

As previously mentioned, it is crucial that players improve their Esper’s statistics, as this boosts their performance and increases their chances of defeating enemies during battle.

Many players believe that the higher their ACC is, the more successful they will be, but they do not realise that there is a limit for ACC.

What are the limits on ACC?

Players should note that the maximum amount of ACC you can have on an Esper is 100 percent, which is the hard cap. That being said, the optimal amount of ACC you should have on an Esper is 80 percent.

This is because there is a base 20 percent chance to resist any debuff. If you exceed 80 percent ACC, the defending Esper’s RESIST will be reduced to under 20 percent. This will default their RESIST back to a 20 percent chance to resist a debuff.

How much ACC do Espers need?

Considering the ACC limitations, having more than 80 percent ACC on an Esper offers no benefit. If players are planning to utilise high amounts of ACC on a hero, it is advised that they try to get as close to 80 percent ACC as possible, without going over.

If you find that your Espers’ ACC are below 80 percent, you have to increase it. Luckily, there are numerous methods by which to increase ACC.

Some Espers’ captain abilities increase their allies ACC statistics, for example, Triki increases all allies ACC by 40 percent in battle if they are the captain of the team.

Alternatively, you can increase ACC by Ascending your Espers, but this is quite expensive.

Can relic sets increase an Espers’ ACC?

Players can obtain distinctive relics as they advance in the game. Relics are equipped on Espers to increase their statistics and provide them with additional effects, but it depends on the set and type of relic used.

You can equip the full set of Apollo’s Bow, which increases the Esper’s ACC by 25 percent.

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