Dislyte: Union Parade

The Union Parade kicked off when Dislyte officially launched, but you can only access it when your account is on level 5.

Players are invited to fight alongside heroes with incredible powers in this urban, mythologically themed mobile game, Dislyte.

This persistent world has been invaded by powerful enemies, and to fight these monsters, ordinary people have to transform into god-like beings. In these dark times, it is your responsibility to form squads and save the world.

The game recently launched on both iOS and Android operating systems, which means players can download it by going to their mobile device’s Google Play or App Store. Gamers who pre-registered to download the game will find rare and desirable items after they have created an in-game account.

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What is the objective of pre-registration rewards?

You could only pre-register for the game before it officially launched, which means, though this may be stating the obvious, that players can no longer pre-register, since the game has already launched. It is believed that the pre-registration rewards are there to garner interest from its target audience.

Pre-registration rewards generally help players during their early stages of the game. Furthermore, these items can be limited edition, meaning only players who pre-registered for the game receive them and it will never be available again.

Dislyte: Union Parade

The Union Parade kicked off when the game officially launched, and it was essentially a sign-in rewards event. However, players have to level up their character to level 5 before they gain access to the Union Parade tab.

It is worth noting that the Union Parade pre-registered rewards are only available to players who pre-registered before the game’s launch. If you did not pre-register for the game, you will not be able to access the rewards.

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In addition to the Union Parade, the game also introduced Global Launch Day rewards and buffs. New players will benefit from the Rookie Boost, as they get a Legendary Esper within their first 10 draws at the gacha system.

Furthermore, you can complete limited-time Rookie Quests to improve your account level, which in turn, allows you to get free Legendary Espers, Nexus Crystals, and Gold Records, amongst other things.

During the launch event, players can recharge to earn a certain number of Redeem Points, to redeem for Diamond Records, Platinum Records, Gold Records, and Legendary Abilimon.

When does the Union Parade conclude?

As of right now, it is unclear when the Union Parade event will conclude, however, many players believe that it concludes 10 days after the game has officially launched.

This is because you can claim 2 Gold Records daily, so 10 Gold Records in total. This gives players enough time to boost and increase their Espers’ levels so that they can defeat powerful enemies.

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What to do when your pre-registration rewards are not there

Some players have claimed that their pre-registration rewards are not available in the Union Parade section of the game, despite having pre-registered.

The game may have a few glitches and bugs, since it only launched recently. If you notice that your rewards are not in the Union Parade tab, you must ensure that your game is fully updated before restarting the game.

If this does not resolve the problem, you have to contact the game’s customer support to receive additional assistance with the matter.

What is an Esper?

Espers are the heroes of the game that you need to summon through the gacha mechanic in order to create a team. The game currently has more than 30 Espers for you to obtain, each of which features unique skills and abilities to help you defeat monsters.

They are an essential part of the game, as you cannot defeat monsters and progress in the storyline without them. It is alleged that your heroes need you as much as you need them. It also can take some time and effort to summon an Esper.

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Final thoughts

Dislyte is a recently-launched mobile game that allows players to fight alongside heroes with incredible powers to defeat a range of enemies. Players were given the chance to pre-register for the game to receive rare and desirable items.

The Union Parade, which is essentially a sign-in rewards event, kicked off when the game officially launched. Players receive rewards when they log into the game daily. However, your account needs to be level 5 in order to access the tab in the main menu.

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