Evony: Burning Godzilla

During the Evony: The King’s Return Burning Godzilla event, you could acquire a new spiritual beast and several new aesthetics for your empire.

In Evony: The King’s Return, players can assume the role of a lord or lady in medieval times. As the monarch of the game, you have to build an empire from scratch. You also have to recruit Generals, train troops, and harvest resources.

In addition to these activities, you can participate in occasional events. One of these events is Burning Godzilla.

Events in Evony

On Evony’s home screen, you will see an Event Center icon in the upper right corner of the screen. This menu lists all the active events in Evony. The table below outlines some of the events that you can participate in:

Event Description
Pan Trials Challenge Pan with recommended troops
Hydra Invasion Defeat Hydra to earn valuable rewards
Golden Refining Players have to complete event quests to earn rewards
Viking Challenge Challenge Vikings to earn awesome rewards
Eagle of Freedom During this event, you have to complete quests to earn traded goods, which can be used to redeem rewards

Evony: Burning Godzilla

Evony announced in February 2023 that they are hosting several events in collaboration with Godzilla.

The first round of the Godzilla crossover event commenced on 17 February 2023. During this event, players were able to recruit the new spiritual beast, Burning Godzilla.

Evony: Burning Godzilla
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Players could also attempt to defeat Ghidorah and Biollante, who are limited-time enemies. Biollante is a world boss who randomly spawned on the world map.

However, he changed locations every 4 hours. You were able to get rewards for every solo attack, but you earned additional rewards for the single-time personal damage ranking.

If you decided to vanquish Biollante as an Alliance, you were still able to claim rewards based on single-time Alliance damage ranking.

Since Biollante is a limited-time enemy, he was removed from Evony when the event concluded. Since the event is no longer active, you can no longer find the enemies on the world map.

Furthermore, during the event, you were able to claim the limited Flame Ring Decoration from the login rewards, but you had to log into Evony for 3 days before you could claim this reward.

Gamers could  gain Godzilla’s Castle at King’s Party Cake level 10 and use this item to either get Godzilla’s Castle: Flame or Godzilla’s Castle: Jade. The following 3 items were available to unlock during the event:

  • Avatar Frames: Crimson Roar, Golden Prestige
  • Diving Beast: Burning Godzilla
  • March Effect: Guardian Deity

Godzilla badges

In order to procure the new spiritual beast, Burning Godzilla, you had to collect Godzilla Badges from King Ghidorah Packages and Boss Monsters. The badges could be exchanged for Burning Core, which was used to unlock Burning Godzilla.

The number of badges that you were able to acquire is as follows:

Method Number of badges
Boss monster: King Ghidorah 300 badges daily
Lucky Chests Although it was not guaranteed, players were able to get a large number of Godzilla badges by opening lucky chests

In addition to this, you were able to acquire additional badges from King Ghidorah when you summoned him with King Ghidorah’s token.

Godzilla Spiritual Beast

Once you have enough badges, you can unlock the spiritual beast, Burning Godzilla. This beast is best used with Ground Defence Generals and Mounted Defence Generals.

This is because the spiritual beast’s buffs are focused on improving the stats of in-city ground troops and mounted troops. Burning Godzilla contains the following buffs:

Buff Description
In-city ground troop attack Increased by 5%
In-city ground troop and mounted troop health points Increased by 5%
Enemy ranged troop defence Decreased by 2%
Archer Tower attack Increased by 5%

Do the Godzilla Badges disappear after the event?

A lot of Evony players were unable to collect enough Godzilla Badges during the Burning Godzilla event to unlock the new spiritual beast.

Therefore, numerous players have questioned whether the badges disappeared from the game when the event concluded.

On a Reddit forum, one player explained that the item description generally indicates whether the item expires after the event or not. Based on this principle and previous spiritual beast events, the Godzilla Badges should not disappear from Evony.

This means that you can still unlock the new spiritual beast, Burning Godzilla, during the following Godzilla Collaboration event.

However, Evony is known for removing things from the game, which means that there is a possibility that your badges may have disappeared after the event.

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