Evony: Pan ranged troop

You need to use ground troops to defeat a ranged Pan in Evony: The King’s Return if you want to receive rewards.

Players can assume the role of a lord or lady in this adventurous video game, Evony: The King’s Return. Since the game is set in medieval times, you have to recruit Generals, train troops, and harvest resources.

There are numerous bosses to defeat on the Evony world map, one of which is Pan, however this monster’s troop type changes regularly, so you may encounter a ranged troop Pan while playing.

Troops in Evony

There are 4 troop types in Evony, namely, ground troops, ranged troops, mounted troops, and siege machines. Every troop type has unique advantages and disadvantages, and it is essential that players know these features.

If you understand how the troop system works, you can easily defeat monsters on the battlefield, but if you send the wrong troop type to fight, you will lose the battle.

Mounted troops are strong against ground troops, while ranged troops are effective at defeating mounted troops from a distance. Ground troops, on the other hand are vulnerable to mounted troops.

Siege machines are strong against all troop types, but they are extremely expensive to build and repair.

Evony: Pan ranged troop

One of the boss monsters that you can find on the world map is Pan, who is usually a ranged enemy. However, the Pan Trials event is currently active in the game, which means that Pan’s level and troop type change regularly.

Under normal circumstances, Pan’s level and troop type would not change. Once the event concludes, though, you will only find a ranged Pan on the world map. Since Pan is a ranged enemy, you should use ground troops to defeat it.

Evony: Pan Monster
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Ground troops are generally used for player-versus-player and resource gathering. Therefore, players do not upgrade them.

However, you now have to upgrade your ground troops to defeat Pan. Ground troops have high defences, health points, and they can carry many resources.

However, they have low attack levels and cannot attack from a distance. It is not impossible to hunt monsters with ground troops, but because of their low attack levels, you will need more than twice as many troops to be successful in this endeavour.

This essentially means that you have to train many ground troops before you can attempt to defeat Pan.

In order to train troops, you need numerous resources, such as lumber, stone, ore, and food. However, you also need a specific amount of power to upgrade your ground troops.

Players have to choose a General that buffs ground troops before trying to defeat Pan.

There are numerous Generals you can choose from, but only a few Generals specialise in ground troops. If you select the wrong General, you may have difficulty defeating Pan.

How many resources do you need for every troop tier level?

In order to upgrade your ground troops, you need specific quantities of resources, which are listed below:

Tier Stone Ore Food Gold Power
1 0 0 160 0 2
2 40 0 220 0 2.70
3 80 0 320 0 3.65
4 120 0 380 0 4.92
5 160 60 460 0 6.64
6 220 220 660 0 9.97
7 300 300 900 0 12.11
8 420 420 1300 0 16.34
9 600 600 1800 0 22.06
10 850 850 2500 0 29.79
11 1300 1300 3900 0 35.75
12 2000 2000 6000 0 53.63
13 3000 3000 9000 0 81.00
14 4500 4500 13500 200 122
15 7500 7500 22500 800 163

Pan Rewards

Evony players will earn rewards once they have defeated Pan. However, if you defeat Pan during the event, you will receive points. The 10 Alliances with the most points will get additional rewards.

Under normal circumstances, these are the rewards that you will earn:

Reward Description
Artwork Fragment Chest V Artwork Fragments which are added to the Exhibition Halls.
Spiritual Beast experience points You can apply 5000 Spiritual Beast experience points on any collected Spiritual Beast.
Refining Stones This item is used to refine equipment.
Pan Chest It contains a blue martial chest, resource boxes, refining stones, and speedups.

Which General should you use?

Before sending out your troops, you will get the opportunity to choose a General that will lead the army.

For monsters, it is recommended that you select Ludwig, Scipio Africanus, Elise, Alessandra, or Trajan. However, if you do not have these Generals, you can also use Leonidas, Robert the Bruce, Peter the Great, or Odo Nobunaga.

Although these are ground troops, they specialise in defending, which means that you may have a difficult time defeating Pan.

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