Evony: World boss Biollante

During the first part of Godzilla Collaboration event in Evony, players were able to defeat the limited-time world boss called Biollante.

Players can build an empire from the ground up in this thrilling video game, Evony: The King’s Return. In the game, you have to mine resources, recruit Generals, construct buildings, and train troops to ensure that your empire is successful.

Additionally, you can defeat enemies and world bosses on the world map. One of the world bosses that you can defeat is Biollante, which was only available during the Godzilla Collaboration event.

World bosses

Every week in Evony, there is a huge world boss that spawns on the world map. The monsters differ every time, so you have to check weekly which bosses are available to defeat.

In addition to the regular bosses in the game, you will also be able to defeat event world bosses.

Remember that world bosses are more powerful than normal enemies, which essentially means that they are more difficult to defeat. As with other monsters in Evony, your troops will not be killed when attacking a world boss, unless your hospital is full.

Once the world boss is vanquished, you will be rewarded with items that can impact your gameplay.

Evony: World boss Biollante

The first part of the Godzilla special crossover event commenced on 17 February 2023. This was a limited-time event and therefore, it is no longer active.

When the event was active, you could collect Godzilla badges to acquire the new spiritual beast, Burning Godzilla.

Evony: World boss Biollante
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You were also able to acquire unique Godzilla aesthetics, including a new castle decoration, avatar frames, and a march effect.

During the event, gamers could find the world boss, Biollante, on the world map, though it spawned on random locations and changed its location every 4 hours. This means that some players had a difficult time finding the boss on the map.

When you found a Biollante on the world map, you could fight it alone, or you could ask for assistance from your Alliance.

A player was awarded with several items for every solo attack. However, you received additional rewards for the single-time personal damage ranking.

The same principle applied to Alliance attacks. However, instead of single-time personal damage rewards, you were rewarded for the single-time Alliance damage ranking.

If you, or your Alliance, managed to lower Biollante’s health points to exactly 80 percent, 60 percent, 40 percent, 20 percent and 0, you got additional awards.

During the attack, neither you nor your Alliance lost troops. Instead of being killed, your troops were only wounded, which means that you could heal your troops in your hospital after the battle.

Which troops could defeat Biollante?

Once you have found Biollante on the world map, you have to send the correct troop type to defeat it. You were able to see which troop type the boss was if you clicked on it. If Biollante was a ground unit, you had to send mounted troops into battle.

However, if he was a ranged unit, players had to use their ground troops to defeat it. If he was a mounted unit, you had to send ranged troops.

It is vital to note that this principle does not only apply to Biollante, but to every boss monster and normal monster on the world map.

Were you able to obtain Godzilla Badges from Biollante?

During the event, players had to collect Godzilla Badges in order to procure the new spiritual beast, Burning Godzilla.

Unfortunately, you were not rewarded with Godzilla Badges for vanquishing Biollante. However, you received other items that can influence your gameplay.

In order to get Godzilla Badges, you had to defeat the boss monster, King Ghidorah every day. If you vanquished this monster, you received 300 badges daily. There was also a chance that you were able to receive badges from Lucky Chests.

How to heal your troops

After attacking Biollante, or any world boss, you have to heal your troops. Bear in mind that you can only heal your troops if you have built a hospital in your empire.

To heal your troops, you have to select the hospital in your empire, and click on the “Heal” option.

This will open a new menu that indicates how many wounded troops you have. You can either click on the button to heal them all, or you can just heal a few of them.

Evony players should remember that healing troops costs resources and therefore, you have to make sure that you have enough resources to heal your troops.

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