Evony: Frost Lion March Effect

The Frost Lion March Effect in Evony: The King’s Return changes the appearance of your troops into a gigantic frost lion when you march across the world map.

Evony: The King’s Return is a thrilling video game in which players can build an empire from the ground up.

In addition to constructing your keep, you can enjoy various events, defeat enemies, and collect resources. While playing Evony, you will likely discover numerous March Effects, one of which is Frost Lion.

Where to find March Effects

March Effects can be found in the decorating category of Evony. In order to access this menu, you have to click on the main building in your keep.

When you have done this, a “Decorate” option will appear. If you select the decorate option, you will be met with a new menu that allows you to change the appearance of your castle.

At the top of the menu you will find 3 categories, namely “Castle”,  “Decoration”, and “Miracle”. After selecting the decoration tab, you will find that there are 4 icons on the left hand side of the menu, and one of those categories is “March”.

If you select the March category, you can change the appearance of your troops when they march to an enemy or resource location.

Evony: Frost Lion March Effect

On Wednesday, 4 January 2023, Evony announced a new March Effect called the Frost Lion. The Lion, who possesses the power of frost, makes foes fear. Its cold air can freeze anyone in your path momentarily.

Evony: Frost Lion March Effect
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Players will get the chance to fight together with the king of beasts. Players can acquire the Frost Lion by participating in the Monarch Sciences limited-time event. During this event, players can get rich rewards by collecting Prosperity Points.

You have to complete certain tasks to acquire Prosperity Points.

The tasks include, but are not limited to, gathering a specific quantity of resources from outside the city, cultivating Generals for a specific number of times, recalling deserters, increasing power, and refining equipment for a certain number of times, amongst other things.

If you complete these tasks, you can claim your Prosperity Points. During the event, players can also purchase the Prosperity Point Package which costs approximately $19.99. The package contains several items, including the Frost Lion March Effect.

Unfortunately, there is no other way to procure the Frost Lion March Effect c. If you are interested in obtaining the effect, you have to purchase the Prosperity Point Package.

Bear in mind, though, that it is not mandatory to purchase the package and you are still able to enjoy Evony without purchasing it.

Since the Frost Lion March Effect can only be purchased, it has stirred up numerous controversies. This is because free-to-play players have expressed that Evony is only interested in pay-to-win players and they do not provide content for free-to-play players.

When is the Monarch Sciences event?

At the time of writing this, the Monarch Sciences event is not active. However, there is a possibility that it will reoccur in the future.

If you are interested in participating in the event, it is advisable that you keep an eye on the Event Center in Evony to see when the next Monarch Sciences event will take place. Until then, players can enjoy other in-game events to earn rewards.

What does the Frost Lion March Effect do?

The Frost Lion March Effect essentially changes the appearance of your troops when they are marching outside of your castle.

Whether you are on your way to defeat an enemy, to scout another player, or occupying a resource location, your troops will take on the appearance of a gigantic frost lion while doing these things.

It is worth noting that it is unconfirmed how long the effect will last.

Additional March Effects

There are numerous March Effects that you can obtain in Evony, but you should note that each effect has a unique appearance. The following table lists some of the March Effects that you can obtain and a description of each:

March Effect name Description
Fireworks Players can get the Fireworks March Effect from the Firework Festival event
Christmas You can purchase this March Effect for a specific number of days. 3 days costs 750 gems, while  days cost 1200 Gems. However, 30 days costs 5000 Gems
Romantic Players can purchase the Romantic March Effect from the March Decoration page, or they can purchase the entire Valentine bundle from the in-game store
Server War Ares The first ranked player in the server-versus-server event receives the Server War Ares March Effect
Nike of Samothrace Conquerors can use the Nike of Samothrace March Effect
Apollo You have to reach a specific rank in season 4’s all-star battlefield to get this March Effect

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