Evony: Fatal Fang

Evony players can obtain Fatal Fangs, which are used to summon the Shadow of Kong, by defeating Skullcrawlers.

Gamers can assume the role of a lord or lady in this exciting video game, Evony: The King’s Return. Players have to expand their empire by completing specific activities and quests in the game.

In addition to the various game modes, you can enjoy in-game events. During the Ancient Island Hunt event, you can acquire Fatal Fangs.

Kong Collaboration event

An in-game event invites players to experience Evony in a new, exciting way for a limited time period. The game’s developer, Evony, revealed that there will be several stages of the Kong Collaboration event.

This gives veteran players the opportunity to collect rare rewards by completing specific activities during the event.

However, events also attract new players, which expands the game’s player base. Not only does an event provide new and exciting features for existing players, but it motivates new gamers to play the game.

It is therefore crucial that developers host regular events to expand their fanbase and to give existing players the opportunity to earn rewards.

Evony: Fatal Fang

The fourth stage of the Kong Collaboration event started on Friday, 14 April 2023 and it will conclude t on Monday, 24 April 2023. During this time, you can enjoy several sub-events to earn rewards. One of these events is the Ancient Island Hunt.

After a ferocious battle, King Kong and his enemy, Skullcrawler, were both critically injured. Since then, Kong’s fur has turned pale with a fiery temper due to Skullcrawler’s poison.

Players can now summon the Shadow of Kong and attempt to defeat it to earn rewards.

To summon the Shadow of Kong, you need Fatal Fangs. It is worth noting that Fatal Fangs can only be obtained if you defeat Skullcrawlers.

You can find Skullcralwers on the world map, but you should keep in mind that they do not spawn at a specific location.

You therefore have to explore the world map until you find a Skullcrawler. Once you have found a one, you can find out what your chances are of winning.

If your chances are low, it is advisable that you focus on upgrading your troops and Generals as you are likely not strong enough to defeat the monster.

However, if the chances of winning the battle are big, you can attempt to defeat the Skullcrawler. Bear in mind that the higher the level of the enemy, the more troops you need to send to vanquish it.

Once you have defeated a Skullcrawler, you will be rewarded with several items, including a Fatal Fang.

Evony: Fatal Fang
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How many Fatal Fangs do you need?

The quantity of Fatal Fangs that you need is determined by how many times you want to summon the Shadow of Kong. If you only have 1 Fatal Fang, you can only summon the Shadow of Kang once.

Thus, re recommend that you defeat several Skullcrawlers before summoning the Shadow of Kang.

After summoning the Shadow of Kang, you need to destroy it. If you are unsuccessful in the battle, you can summon him again if you have enough Fatal Fangs. However, you may need to defeat additional Skullcrawlers if you run out of Fatal Fangs.

Shadow of Kong drops

If you are powerful enough, you can defeat the Shadow of Kong easily. Once he is defeated, you will be rewarded with several items, such as:

Item Description
Senior, Medium and Junior Shadow Chests You can open the chest to receive Source of Life, Refining Stones, Resource Boxes and Speedups
Wine-steeped Fruit Can be uses to reduce monsters’ attacks by 10 percent when attacking them for 10 minutes
Death Cap Use it to reduce monsters’ defense by 10 percent when attacking them for 10 minutes
Wine-steeped Fruit (1 hour) This item reduces monsters’ attack by 5 percent when you are attacking them for 1 hour
Death Cap (1 hour) Reduces a monster’s defenses by 5 percent when you are attacking them for 1 hour

Will Fatal Fangs be removed from Evony?

When the Kong Collaboration event concludes, you will no longer be able to farm Fatal Fangs. Furthermore, we assume that you will also no longer be able to summon the Shadow of Kong.

Therefore, you have to farm and use Fatal Fangs while the Evony event is active.

Otherwise, your farming efforts will be wasted, as you will not be able use the Fatal Fangs anymore. We recommend that you do not save your Fatal Fangs in your inventory. Once you have farmed the desired amount, use it to summon the Shadow of Kong.

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