Axie Infinity Wiki

Basic Information

Game Name Axie Infinity
Release Date 2018
Genre NFT-based Game, Blockchain Game, Single Player, PvP
Supported Device iOS / Android / Windows
Developer / Publisher Sky Mavis
Official Site Website
Official Social Media TwitterFacebookReddit / Medium / Discord


Axie Infinity is a popular non-fungible (NFT)-based online video game. Players can obtain Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies, Smooth Love Potions (SPL) and Axie Infinity Shards (AXS). The main purpose of Axie Infinity is to collect, breed, trade and battle creatures called Axies.

It is currently the most expensive NFTs collection, with over $42 million in sales, in June 2021. SLP farming is the easiest and fastest method to earn when playing Axie Infinity. It is one of the most important resources in the game, as players can sell it to other players on the market for real-world money.

In the game, players can collect, battle, bread, raise and trade creatures known as Axies, which are digitized as NFTs. It is recommended that new players adopt at least three Axies from the Marketplace, before playing the game.

The game features two different gaming modes; Adventure Mode and Arena Mode. Adventure Mode is player-versus-environment based and consist of different levels. In this mode, players will have to fight against computer-controlled mobs in order to complete a level, while Arena Mode is player-versus-player based and consist of different matches. This mode is recommended for experienced players with maximum level Axies.

Adventure Mode vs Arena Mode

Arena Mode Adventure Mode
Player-versus-player (PvP) based Player-versus-environment (PvE) based
Players fight other players and their Axies Players fight against computer-controlled mobs
Recommended for experienced players Recommended for new or casual players
The mode features different matches This mode consists of 36 levels, with increasing difficulty
Players do not need to fight bosses Players will fight two bosses; one boss will spawn on level 21, while the other spawns on level 36
Requires energy to obtain SLP and experience points Players can obtain SLP without energy, however experience points can only be obtained with energy
Players gain experience points by winning a PvP match Players gain experience points by completing a level

Axie Stats

Every Axie’s strength and weaknesses are defined by four stats. These four stats are HP, Morale, Skill and Speed. Here you can find out what they mean.

Axie Body Parts

Axies have body parts that correspond to different battle moves. Here you can find out more.


In Axie Infinity there are currently nine classes.

Primary classes Secret classes
1.     Bug 1.     Mech
2.     Beast 2.     Dusk
3.     Reptile 3.     Dawn
4.     Aquatic
5.     Plant
6.     Bird

The nine classes are divided into three groups, which counter each other. The triangle indicates that Plant, Reptile and Dusk deals 15 percent more damage to Bird, Dawn and Aquatic classes. That class then deals damage to Beast, Bug and Mech classes. It is important that players ensure they understand and know the class counters before entering the Arena Mode.

You can read our Axie Infinity class guide here.


Players are able to provide their Axies with additional statistics and abilities by using cards. There are currently over 130 cards available in the game. The cards can be divided into six primary classes and three secret classes:

1.     Bug Cards 1.     Mech Cards
2.     Beast Cards 2.     Dusk Cards
3.     Reptile Cards 3.     Dawn Cards
4.     Aquatic Cards
5.     Plant Cards 
6.     Bird Cards 

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