Axie Infinity’s Tank build

Tanks in Axie Infinity can be very expensive, however, players are able to create a powerful Plant hybrid Tank on a budget.

Axie Infinity is a very popular Pokémon-inspired game. Since it is a non-fungible token game, players can earn Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies, Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Smooth Love Potions (SLP). These currencies can be exchanged for real-life money.

The game allows players to raise, collect, battle, breed, trade and build a kingdom for their in-game pets called Axies. The pets are fierce creatures that love to battle, build and hunt for treasures. Players are able to build up a collection of Axies and use them across an ever-growing universe. It is important to note that players need to purchase three Axies with real-life money before they can play the game.

Players are able to improve their Axies with additional statistics and abilities by using cards. There are currently over 130 cards available for players to choose from. The cards can be divided into six distinct classes, including Plant, Bird, Reptile, Bug, Beast and Aqua. Each class is then divided into different body parts, such as horn, mouth and tail, among others. Since each card features unique abilities, it is very important that players know which Axie should be equipped with which cards.

Luckily, experienced Axie Infinity players have created multiple builds online to help other players with their builds. One of the most popular Axie builds is the Tank build. It is important to note that if players are looking for a pure-bred Tank Axie, it will cost them a lot of real-life money or Ethereum. However, players are still able to build a powerful Tank on a budget.

Tank build

It is recommended that players use a hybrid Plant Tank. This Axie is not only capable of generating a strong shield but can also deal a lot of damage. Players are able to purchase this Axie for approximately 0.0921 Ethereum on the Axie Marketplace.

After obtaining the Axie, players can equip it with a timber body part. When the Axie is equipped with the timber part, they will be able to provide an additional shield. It is also recommended that players use the Prickly Trap and Carrot Hammer cards for this Axie. The Prickly Trap card deals 120 percent damage if the Axie hits last. While the Carrot Hammer gains one energy point if the Axie’s shield breaks.

In battle, if the opponent decides to play a card near the end of the round, it is very unlikely that this Axie will be the one to attack last. However, if the opponent does not play a card, this Axie is able to do a lot of damage and finish the round.

The Death Mark card will apply Lethal to the target if the Axie’s vitality (HP) is below 30 percent. This card is crucial, as there is a chance that the Axie’s health can decrease during battle. When it is paired with the Prickly Trap, it will deal a lot of damage to the opponent.

Body parts and cards

It is important to note that the horns, mouth, back and tail parts determine which cards an Axie can use in combat. The following table shows which body parts and cards players can use for the Plant hybrid Tank build:

Body part Type of body part
Back Timber
Mouth Axie Kiss
Eyes Marvis
Tail Carrot
Ears Hollow
Horn Cactus

 Team composition

Even though the Axie Tank hybrid can be placed in any team, it will thrive in certain set ups. It is recommended that players place the Axie hybrid Tank as a front liner. While the mid and back liners should be two Aqua Axies. However, it is also important to note that the Aqua Axies should be equipped with different cards in order to win the battle.

The following table indicates the cards the Aqua Axies need to be equipped with:

Axie Body type Suggested card Card description
Mid-line Aqua Axie Back Perch / Spinal Tap The card prioritizes the idle target when provided with at least two additional cards.
Mouth Angry Lam It deals 120 percent damage if the Axie’s vitality (HP) is below 50 percent.
Horn Cuckoo / Cockaldoodledoo The card increases the Axie’s attack.
Tail Nimo/ Tail Slap The Axie will gain one energy when provided with another card.
Back-line Aqua Axie Back Goldfish/Swift Escape This card increases the Axie’s speed for two rounds when it is attacked.
Mouth Piranha/Crimson Water It targets the injured enemy if the Axie’s vitality is below 50 percent.
Horn Shoal Star/ Star Shurken With this card, the target cannot enter Last Stand if this card brings its vitality to zero.
Tail Koi/ Upstream Swim The card will increase the Axie’s speed for two rounds if it is provided with another Aquatic class card

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