Axie Infinity Adventure Mode EXP guide

Players need to successfully complete a level in Adventure Mode in order to gain experience points (EXP) in Axie Infinity; however, to participate in Adventure Mode, players require energy.

Axie Infinity is a non-fungible token (NFT)-based online video game. It uses Ethereum-based cryptocurrency, Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Smooth Love Potions (SLP). The game is currently the most expensive NFT collection, with over $42 million in sales in June 2021.

Axie Infinity is a trading and battling game where players can collect, raise, battle, breed and trade creatures known as ‘axies’. Axies are digitized as NFTs. New players should have at least three axies to play the game. The game features two different gaming modes; Adventure Mode and Arena Mode.

Arena Mode versus Adventure Mode

Arena Mode Adventure Mode
Player-versus-player (PvP) based Player-versus-environment (PvE) based
Players fight other players and their Axies Players fight against computer-controlled mobs
Recommended for experienced players Recommended for new or casual players
The mode features different matches This mode consists of 36 levels, with increasing difficulty
Players do not need to fight bosses Players will fight two bosses; one boss will spawn on level 21, while the other spawns on level 36
Requires energy to obtain SLP and experience points Players can obtain SLP without energy, however experience points can only be obtained with energy
Players gain experience points by winning a PvP match Players gain experience points by completing a level

Adventure Mode

When energy was introduced in Adventure Mode, many players’ quest to level up became much more difficult. Experience points can only be gained from adventures if the player has enough energy points. This means, that if the player wants to level up as fast as possible, it is recommended that they do not participate in Arena Mode. They should rather join Adventure Mode to start the farming experience.

It is important to note that players will not gain any experience points if they fail to complete the adventure level. Players should thus be sure that they can complete the adventure, otherwise they would have wasted an energy point.

Players need to determine which levels they can complete the fastest, and the easiest, with their current team set up. Players have the opportunity to see the monsters they will have to defeat in a specific level, before participating in the level. They simply need to select a level to view the monsters. This will also give the player an idea of how much time they have to complete the level.

For example, when a player selects level two, they will discover they need to fight three monsters. This indication can be found to the left of the monsters’ portraits. Players can also see which monsters they might encounter in the level. In this case, players might encounter Toady and Planter.

Players can select a monster’s profile in order to know more about the specific monster.

What is energy?

As mentioned above, both Adventure and Arena Mode will consume one energy point, whether the mission was successful or not. Players are able to see the amount of energy they have by going to the main menu. Players can also see the remaining time left before they gain more energy points. The more energy players have, the more experience points players can gain by participating in Adventure Mode.

How to gain energy for Adventure Mode

When first starting to play Axie Infinity, players obtain a maximum pool of 20/20 energy points. Once players start to use their energy points, they will regain five energy points every six hours. Players should thus be careful with spending their energy points. However, the maximum energy pool, as well as the energy refill rate, can be increased if the player owns more axies.

Number of axies a player owns Energy per day Energy refill time
Between three and nine Axies 20 Energy points Players obtain five energy points every six hours
Between 10 and 19 Axies 40 Energy points Players can obtain five energy points every three hours
More than 20 Axies 60 Energy points Players will obtain five energy points every two hours

How to gain experience and level up axies in Adventure Mode

In order to gain experience and level up axies fast, it is recommended that players participate in Adventure Mode while they have energy points. It is thus clear that players who focus on levelling their axies should not spend any energy points in Arena Mode.

Arena Mode is recommended for experienced players whose axies are at maximum level. However, Arena Mode is a great way to farm Smooth Love Potions.

Players need to remember that if they fail an adventure battle, they will not gain any experience points. It is thus important that players complete the level, otherwise they will waste energy. Players can choose to participate in levels that feature lower-level monsters. This will ensure that the player wins the level and gain experience points.

Experience points per level in Adventure Mode

Each level will give the player a different number of experience points if they successfully complete the fight. Players can thus choose to fight on levels that give more experience points, however, the level may feature high-level monsters.

Players assume that the higher levels will give more experience points, however, this is not true. Level 30 of Adventure Mode will give the player 1 209 experience points, while level 36 gives 820 experience points.


It is recommended that players spend their energy points in Adventure Mode, rather than in Arena Mode. Adventure Mode will allow the player to gain a lot of experience points and thus, level up faster. However, it is important to note that an energy point will be consumed whether the player failed or successfully completed the level.

Players can gain more energy by owning more axies. This means that the more axies the player has, the more energy they get and the more adventure levels they can complete.

It is recommended that players participate in Arena Mode when they have reached a desired level, and when their axies are fully levelled up.

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