Axie Infinity Stats explained

Every Axie in Axie Infinity features different statistics, which are the attributes that control them, therefore, Stats can be divided into four categories: HP, Speed, Skill and Morale.

Axie Infinity became a very popular game over the last few years, as people used it to generate an income. It is a non-fungible token (NFT)-based video game, and is developed by Vietnamese studio, Sky Mavis, which uses Ethereum-based cryptocurrency, Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Smooth Love Potion (SLP).

It is currently the most expensive NFTs collection, with over $42 million in sales, in June 2021. SLP farming is the easiest and fastest method to earn when playing Axie Infinity. It is one of the most important resources in the game, as players can sell it to other players on the market for real-world money.

In the game, players can collect, battle, bread, raise and trade creatures known as Axies, which are digitized as NFTs. It is recommended that new players adopt at least three Axies before playing the game. Axie Infinity consists of two gaming modes; Adventure Mode and Arena Mode.

Adventure Mode is recommended for new players as it is player-versus-environment based, while Arena Mode is for more experienced players. In this mode, players will participate in player-versus-player battles, which can be very complicated.

Every Axie in the game features different statistics, popularly known as Stats. Stats are the four fundamental attributes that control each Axie. It is mostly used in battles, and it is also important that players have knowledge about the various Stats in the game.

There are four primary Stats: ‘HP’, Skill, Speed and Moral. Speed influences how often Axies receive critical hits from the enemies. Skill refers to the damage bonus of combos by dealing multiple abilities. Speed influences how often Axies receive critical hits from the enemies. ‘HP’ determines how much damage Axies can take before it is ‘killed’, while Morale determines the critical hit chance, last stand chance and the number of last stand ticks.

Each Axie class features its own set of Stats. For example, the Mech class as 31 HP, 39 Speed, 43 Skill and 27 Morale points, while the bird class has 27 HP, 43 Speed, 35 Skill and 35 Morale Stats. It is thus important that players acknowledge the Stats for each Axie before choosing a class.

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