Axie Infinity breeding guide

Breeding Axies in Axie Infinity may seem like an easy task, however, the process becomes complicated with Axie Genetics, but a breeding simulator can make the process easier.

Axie Infinity became very popular over the last few years. It is a non-fungible token (NFT)-based online video game. The game features Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies, Smooth Love Potions (SLP) and Axie Infinity Shards (AXS). In the game, players can collect, breed, trade and battle creatures called Axies.

The game consists of two different gaming modes: Arena Mode and Adventure Mode. Arena Mode is player-versus-player (PvP) based, so players will fight against other real-life players, while Adventure Mode is player-versus-environment based, this means that players will fight against computer-controlled mobs.

In the game, players are able to breed two Axies in order to create a new offspring Axie. Initially, the offspring is an egg, however it will soon morph into an adult. The new Axie can then be used for breeding purposes, fight in battles or be sold on the Axie marketplace.

Breeding requirements

In order to breed Axies, players need 2 Axie Infinity Shards, a specific amount of Smooth Love Potions, depending on the breed count, and two Axies.

What is a breed count?

The breed count indicates how many times the Axie has already produced offspring. If an Axie has a high breed count, the player will need a lot of Smooth Love Potions in order to breed again. It is important to remember that Axies can only breed up to seven times. This means that an Axie can have a maximum breed count of seven out of seven (7/7). If an Axie has not bred any offspring yet, its breed count would be 0/7. It is believed that the lower the breed count, the more valuable the Axie is.

Players should remember that sibling Axies cannot breed, and parents cannot breed with their offspring.

Breed Count costs

As mentioned above, the higher the breed count is, the more SLPs are required. The table below indicates the costs of breeding Axies for each breed count:

Breed count of the Axie Breed Number Smooth Love Potion cost
0/7 1 150 SLP
1/7 2 300 SLP
2/7 3 450 SLP
3/7 4 750 SLP
4/7 5 1200 SLP
5/7 6 1950 SLP
6/7 7 3150 SLP

This means that if the player has an Axie with a breed count of 3/7, and an Axie with a breed count of 2/7, the total costs of breeding are 1200 SLP and two AXS.

Axie Genetics

It is important that players are aware of Axie Genetics before breeding Axies. The genetics play a crucial role in determining mutations, body parts, classes and genes. Each Axie consists of 18 different genes. These genes are distributed equally among its six body parts. Players can thus know that for each body part, there are three genes that represent it. The three genes can be divided into three parts: the recessive gene (R1), the minor recessive gene (R2) and the dominant gene (D). The latter gene determines the body parts, and the matching abilities, that are physically present on each Axie.

When breeding Axies, each gene has a chance to be passed down to the offspring:

Recessive gene 9, 37 percent chance to pass the gene to the offspring
Minor recessive gene 3,13 percent chance to pass the gene to the offspring
Dominant gene  37,5 percent chance to pass the gene to the offspring

It is important that players know this information if they plan on breeding and producing certain body parts and skills for an Axie. Players can make use of a breeding calculator to simulate the breeding chances and probabilities for when they plan to breed specific Axies.

How to breed Axies

To breed Axies, players should go to their inventory to select the first Axie they want to breed. After choosing an Axie, players can click on the “Breed” option. After clicking ‘Breed’, a new window will open where players will be able to select the second Axie. Players should click on the “Let’s Breed” option to begin the process. After a few seconds, players can find their egg in their inventory.

When will the egg morph into an adult?

The Axie egg will take five days to reach maturity. After the five days, players can morph the egg to become a matured Axie. Players are able to keep track of the egg’s growth process by looking at the “Current State” progress bar. Unfortunately, players can only discover the abilities and how the Axie looks once it becomes an adult. It is important to note that morphing the egg into an adult Axie is completely free and does not have any requirements.

Once the egg has morphed into an adult Axie, it can be used to breed other Axies, or it can join the battle in both Arena and Adventure Mode. Players can also sell their new Axie in the marketplace.


Breeding Axies may seem like an easy task, however, it becomes more complicated when looking at Axie genetics. Luckily, players can use a breeding calculator to determine body parts, abilities and skills of the offspring before breeding certain Axies.

Players can breed two Axies in order to produce an offspring. The new Axie can then be used to breed other offspring, or it can be used to fight in the different gaming modes. Players are also able to sell their Axies in the Axie marketplace.

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