Axie Infinity Arena guide

Players participating in the Arena Mode in Axie Infinity should pay attention to the class counters, positioning, Energy management, card combinations, speed, buffs and debuffs to win.

Axie Infinity is a popular non-fungible token video game. This means that players can earn Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies, Smooth Love Potions (SLP) and Axie Infinity Shards (ASX). Since it is Ethereum-based, players are able to convert the cryptocurrencies into real world money. The game has thus become a great source of income for some players.

The game allows players to buy, breed, raise, collect and battle with creatures called Axies. However, it is important to note that players need to obtain three Axies before they can start playing Axie Infinity. Players can also buy Axies on the official marketplace website using real-life money.

Axie Infinity consists of two different gaming modes; Adventure Mode and Arena Mode. Adventure Mode is player-versus-environment (PvE) based and features multiple levels, each with increasing difficulty. Arena Mode is based on player-versus-player (PvP) and features different matches. It is recommended that new players start with the Adventure Mode, as the Arena Mode can be quite intimidating.

Adventure Mode Arena Mode 
Player-versus-environment (PvE) based Player-versus-player (PvP) based
Players fight against computer-controlled mobs Players fight other players and their Axies
Recommended for new or casual players Recommended for experienced players
This mode consists of 36 levels, with increasing difficulty This mode features different matches
Players will fight two bosses; one boss will spawn on level 21, while the other spawns on level 36 Players do not need to fight bosses
Players can obtain SLP without energy, however experience points can only be obtained with energy Requires energy to obtain SLP and experience points
Players gain experience points by completing a level Players gain experience points by winning a PvP match

In this guide, players will discover how to get better at the Arena Mode, and in return, obtain more Smooth Love Potions.

Class counters

In Axie Infinity, there are currently nine classes, which are divided into three groups. It is important to note that the groups counter each other. The triangle indicates that Plant, Reptile and Dusk deals 15 percent more damage to Bird, Dawn and Aquatic classes. That class then deals damage to Beast, Bug and Mech classes. It is important that players ensure they understand and know the class counters before entering the Arena Mode.

Calculating Damage

It is crucial to know how much damage output the player’s cards have in each class, as well as the potential damage of the opponents. Luckily for players, there are various formulas available to calculate the damage. These formulas make it very easy, especially when it comes to the Morale and Skill statistics. It is important to note that players will not be able to use the formulas while in battle, so they need to have a rough idea of which cards deal the most damage in the various classes.

It is also recommended that players use a Word document to note the damage of each card. In some sense, players have a cheat sheet to start off with. However, as time goes on, players will learn the damage the cards deal by heart.

Positioning in Arena Mode

Once players enter a battle, they will be able to select their Axie team. Players will also be able to edit their Axies. In the ‘Edit’ menu, players can replace Axies, choose cards and change the Axies’ positioning. It is recommended that players position their Axies in a horizontal row. However, the front Axie should be placed a bit underneath the middle and last Axie. The Axies will then have a 50/50 chance of hitting the top or bottom enemy Axie.

Last Stand

Arena Mode matches feature a lot of mechanics that players need to know before participating. One of the most important mechanics is Last Stand. This occurs when an Axie receives a fatal blow, they have a chance to enter the Last Stand. If an Axie is in Last Stand, they will be able to play a few more cards until the bar disappears.

There are two factors when accounting for the Last Stand; excess damage and morale. Players are able to calculate the morale and excess damage by using specific formulas:

Excess Damage = damage of fatal attack – The Axies remaining vitality

Morale Modifier = (Axies’ remaining vitality * Morale) / 100

Players need to understand some basic points of Last Stand. For instance, the higher Morale an Axie has, the higher its chance to enter Last Stand. The Beast class will thus have a very high chance to enter Last Stand.

It is important to note that some cards have an effect on the Last Stand, including Hero’s Bane, Nitro Leap, Puffy Smack and Scale Dart, among many others.

Energy Management

Once a player enters an Arena battle, they will receive three Energy points. Players will receive extra Energy points for every consecutive round after the first. It is recommended that players use the cards that steal the opponent’s Energy, as it can be quite useful. Players should also keep track of their opponent’s Energy.

If a player badly manages their Energy, they will have to sacrifice one of their Axies. It is thus important that players pay attention to their Energy management.

Speed of Axies

Speed is a crucial aspect, especially in the one-versus-one or two-versus-two scenarios. The Bird class has the maximum speed of all the classes, while the Aquatic class falls second. However, there are cards that can improve the Axies’ speed or reduce the opponent’s speed. Speed is important, as it determines how quick, or slow, the player’s Axies will attack the opponent’s Axies.

Other important factors

In addition to the above-mentioned factors, players should also focus on the buffs and debuffs, card combinations and split damage. These factors can all contribute to the player’s success in the Arena Mode.

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