Axie Infinity Terminator build

In Axie Infinity, the Reptile class is recommended for a Terminator build, due to their stun abilities, speed reduction skill and armour, however, they’re weak against specific cards.

Axie Infinity is a Pokémon-inspired game where players are able earn tokens through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem. It is a non-fungible token game, meaning that players can earn Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies, Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Smooth Love Potions (SLP).

The game invites players to collect, battle, raise, breed, trade and build a land-based kingdom for their pets, called Axies. They are fierce creatures that love to build, battle and hunt for treasure. Players can build up a collection of Axies and use them across an ever-expanding universe of games.

Players are able to provide their Axies with additional statistics and abilities by using cards. There are currently over 100 cards available for players to choose from. The cards can be divided into six distinct classes, including Plant, Bird, Reptile, Bug, Beast and Aqua. Each class is then divided into different body parts, such as horn, mouth and tail, among others.

In the game, players are able to follow multiple builds to create the perfect Axie team, such as the Terminator build.

What is a Terminator Axie?

A Terminator is a popular Axie that has two stun abilities, a skill that slows down the opponent, and tons or armour. It is especially powerful when it ends up fighting another Axie in a one-versus-one match.

Terminator Axie build

The most common build is the Terminator Reptile Axie. The following table indicates the Terminator Axie’s skills, the card and the skill description:

Name of skill Card type Description of skill
Sticky Goo Bug: Snail Shell Back card The skill will stun the attacker if the Axie’s shield breaks. However, this skill can only be triggered once per round.
Chomp Reptile: Tiny Turtle Mouth card Chomp will apply a stun to enemies when equipped with at least two additional cards.
Allergic Reaction Bug: Thorny Caterpillar Tail card The skill deals 130 percent damage to all de-buffed targets.
Mystic Rush Bug: Lagging Horn card Mystic Rush applies a speed reduction effect on targets for two rounds.

Players will notice that most parts are Bug parts in the table. It thus comes as no surprise that players can also use the Bug class as a Terminator. However, many players prefer the Terminator Reptile builds due to the strong statistics of the Reptile class. They are also very powerful against Aqua and Bird Axies, which are usually the last standing Axies in battle.

It is recommended that players use Aquatic cards for their Terminator Reptile’s eyes and ears. Even though players can use Bird cards to make the Axie faster, the Aquatic cards increase the Axie’s health as well as the speed.

It is also believed that Terminator Bug Axies outshine Terminator Reptile Axies. However, the Reptile class is better against everyone else in battle. The Terminator Reptile Axies are good in slowing down the target, using stuns to prevent the enemy from dealing damage, and mitigating any damage that goes through their shields. These Axies are very strong in a one-versus-one battle against the Plant class.

Team composition

It is recommended that players use their Terminator Reptile Axie in a team with a Plant and Beast Axie. Players should place a pure-bred plant Axie as the front liner. They can also equip the Plant Axie with the Carrot Hammer, October Treat, Vegetal bite and Wooden Stab cards. These cards will provide the Axie with defence and damage abilities. Additionally, the Axie will feature two energy recharge cards.

The Beast Axie will take on the tank destroyer role and should be positioned in the middle. It is recommended that players equip it with the Nut Crack, Nut Throw, Single Combat and Ivory Stab cards. This Axie will need a lot of energy to sustain its skills. Luckily, the Plant Axie will provide the additional energy.

Players can use their Reptile Terminator Axie as the back liner. The Axie provides a high damage defence and de-buffs. It also features a negative attack speed and multiple stuns to the opponent. Many players have wondered what makes a Terminator combination so special in the late game. This class and build are very special due to thier energy efficiency.

The terminator is not energy intensive. This means that players can attack and defend by just using two energy points. However, this is only possible if the players use the right cards at the right time. It is important to note that Terminator Reptiles also have weaknesses.

Terminator Axie’s weaknesses

A Terminator Axie’s main counter is the Gravel Ant, which disables the target’s melee cards in the next round. This card can be disastrous to any Terminator. The Axie is also weak against the Head Shot, any destroyer cards as well as the pure damage cards.


The best class for a Terminator build is a Reptile class. This Axies can be very powerful if it is equipped with the correct cards. However, players should remember that these Terminator Axies still have weaknesses to certain cards.

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