STFC: Voyager

STFC’s update 55 revealed that the USS Voyager has several abilities, one of which will help you locate species 8472 in the Delta Quadrant.

Players can encounter iconic characters from the Star Trek series in this explorative video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

You can explore galactic systems, interact with non-player-characters (NPCs), complete missions and harvest resources. Scopely, the game’s developer, recently announced that players can now enjoy part 2 of the Voyager arc.

STFC: Voyager

On Tuesday, 6 June 2023, Scopely released update 55, which reveals information about part 2 of the Voyager arc.

Players can now enjoy a new ship called the Intrepid Class USS Voyager; a new damage type, Isolytic Damage; and new regions of the uncovered Delta Quadrant Space.

The USS Voyager is a legendary ship that is thrust into an undiscovered section of space known as the Delta Quadrant. This ship comes equipped with an impulse speed and the fastest warp speed in the game.

Furthermore, it features the following skills:

Skill type Name Description
Passive Feels like Home It deals additional damage to enemies marked with the DQ tag in Delta Quadrant space.
Active Advance Sensors This skill reveals ships that evade regular sensors, such as the new Species 8472 hostiles.
Active Astrometrics Scan Can be used on another player’s ship to reveal the coordinates of their station.
STFC: Waste Management Mission
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When should you use the Voyager?

Commanders can use the Voyager to travel to the new systems, which were introduced with update 55. In the new systems, players can vanquish the Hirogen Hunter Elites to farm the Hirogen Relics.

You can also exchange the relics for Deuterium Canisters, which fuels the ship’s active abilities.

Once you procure Deuterium Canisters, you can use the Advanced Sensors ability to reveal Species 8472.

If players vanquish these enemies, they will receive Exotic Biotoxins, which can be refined into rewards and a travel token for specific Delta Quadrant systems.

These systems have Anomaly Samples, which can be exchanged for Voyager ship parts, among other items.

Research tree

Once you have collected the Voyager, you will get access to a new research tree comprising 21 new nodes. These nodes include damage against enemies, impulse, warp speed and increased payouts from artifact exchange chests.

The Voyage research nodes will further enhance not only the ship itself, but it will also provide fleetwide buffs.

So players can benefit from Below Deck Assembly, the Artifact Hunting Extraordinaire and Ship Maintenance Efficiency, amongst other things.

How to upgrade the Voyager

Players must upgrade their Voyager regularly to increase its efficiency. To upgrade the ship, you need to refine Exotic Biotoxins and Anomaly Samples.

STFC players can acquire Exotic Biotoxins by destroying Species 8472 in the Velixys system, while Anomaly Samples can be mined in various systems.

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