STFC: Voyager Mining

By completing the Voyager Mining Loop in STFC, Commanders can acquire Anomaly Samples, which can be exchanged for various items.

There are numerous vessels that you can construct, upgrade and use in Star Trek Fleet Command, one of which is the USS Voyager. However this ship is unlike any other ship in the game, as it has a very unique mining feature.

STFC: Voyager Mining
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The USS Voyager has a very unique Loop that players can use to collect rich materials and resources. This loop begins with Hirogen Relics, which you can only acquire by vanquishing Hirogen hostiles from the galaxy.

Commanders therefore have to defeat the Hirogen Hunter Elites and the regular Hirogen Hunters to earn Hirogen Relics.

Several players prefer to attack the regular Hirogen Hunters as they are easier to defeat, but they drop less Hirogen Relics than the Hirogen Hunter Elites.

Once you have Hirogen Relics, you can exchange them for Deuterium Canisters, which are used to activate the vessel’s active ability. Players can use the active ability in voyager space to reveal Species 8472 hostiles.

When you come across Species 8472 hostiles, you have to destroy them to earn Exotic Biotoxins. Players can turn in their Exotic Biotoxins to get the Voyager Travel Tokens and Commerce Insignia chests.

This chest has a 3 day cooldown, which essentially means that you can only claim the chest every 3 days.

If you open the chest, you will receive an abundance of items, including a special currency, which allows you to travel to Voyager Space and collect Anomaly Samples by mining the resource nodes.

Once you have procured enough Anomaly Samples, you can exchange them for Artifacts, Shards, Ship Parts and Research Dust.

Voyager’s abilities

In order to mine resources with the Voyager, players must understand the vessel’s abilities. The following table lists the Voyager’s abilities can be described as follows:

Ability Type Description
Astrometrics Scan Active ability This ability scans a player’s ship and reveals the location of their station. However, this state has a cost, Deuterium Canister, duration and cooldown.
Advanced Sensors Active ability Commanders can use this ability to uncover hidden hostiles in the Delta Quadrant, including the elusive Species 8472.

Do you have to mine the resources?

On the official STFC Discord server, a Commander known as Cand1e mentioned that mining is a part of the Voyager loop.

After you enter one of the systems, you will have the option to mine either rare or common items, but you can also defeat the PvE hostiles to earn the rare and common resources.

Regardless of whether you mined or defeated enemies to acquire the resources, you have to refine them to earn Artifact Shards as well as other items which can be used to improve the Voyager.

Commanders can therefore choose whether they want to defeat enemies to procure the resources, or mine the nodes in Voyager systems to earn the resources.

Do you have to use the Voyager to complete the loop?

Several players wonder if they have to use the USS Voyager to complete the Voyager loop. In the first part of the loop, you have to defeat Hirogen hostiles to procure Hirogen Relics.

You may be able to use another ship to defeat the Hirogen Hostiles to acquire Hirogen Relics.

However, in the following part of the Voyager Loop, you have to use the vessel’s active ability to reveal a specific enemy.

Unfortunately, only the USS Voyager is available to Species 8472, which means that you cannot use another vessel to complete the loop.

Players who are yet to construct the USS Voyager will therefore not be able to complete the loop since the ship’s active ability is required to complete the Voyager Mining loop.

How to construct the USS Voyager

In order to procure blueprints for the Voyager, you need to be at least level 30. If you meet this requirement, you have to vanquish Hirogen Hostiles from the Delta Quadrant to earn Hirogen Relics.

STFC players can then refine their Hirogen Relics in the Voyager Refinery.

When you have reached level 34 and have obtained the necessary blueprints, you can construct the vessel and add it to your fleet.

This ship enables Commanders to procure Isolytic Damage Artifacts and ship parts for numerous vessels, including the Cerritos, Amalgam as well as G4 ships.

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