STFC: Unlock Voyager

To add the USS Voyager to your arsenal in STFC, you have to be on operations level 30, as you have to defeat Hirogen hostiles to acquire their blueprints.

Players can encounter iconic characters from the well-renowned series, Star Trek, in this exciting video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

You have to expand your fleet by building ships, recruiting officers, mining resources and completing missions. One of the ships that you can unlock is the USS Voyager.

STFC: Unlock Voyager

The USS Voyager is an iconic vessel that is thrust into an unknown section of space called the Delta Quadrant, embarking on a journey with one objective: to get home.

It is crucial that you build the USS Voyager, as it is the only ship that can locate the new Species 8472.

To build the vessel, you have to collect its blueprints. Keep in mind that to procure the blueprints, you need to reach operations level 30 as you have to vanquish Hirogen Hostiles in the Delta Quadrant.

If you defeat these enemies, you will be rewarded with Hirogen Relics, which can be refined in the Voyager Refinery. When you reach operations level 34 and have all the blueprints, you can build the USS Voyager.

Once the Voyager is in your collection, you will be able to procure Isolytic Damage Artifacts and ship parts for other ships, including the Amalgam, Cerritos and G4 vessels, among others.

STFC: Unlock Voyager
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USS Voyager abilities

After building the USS Voyager, you can use the following abilities:

Ability Description
Astrometrics Scan This ability scans a player’s ship and reveals the location of their station.
Advanced Sensors Players can uncover hidden enemies, such as the elusive species 8472, in the Delta Quadrant with this skill.

Both of these abilities require Deuterium Canisters, which can be collected after refining Hirogen Relics in the USS Voyager Refinery. You can acquire Hirogen Relics by vanquishing Hirogen Hostiles.

Which materials are required to upgrade the Voyager?

It is crucial that you  upgrade the Voyager regularly as it will increase its efficiency. To upgrade the vessel, you need to refine Anomaly Samples and Exotic Biotoxins.

Players can mine Anomaly Samples from various systems, including FSEP-505, FSEP-3819, FSEP-247 and FSEP-001.

While Exotic Biotoxins can be procured by destroying Species 8472 Bioships in Velixys, which is a new system released with update 55.

Anomaly Samples and Exotic Biotoxins have to be refined in the Voyager’s refinery as you have to harness their true power to enhance the vessel’s capabilities.

Hirogen Hostiles

It is essential that you vanquish Hirogen Hostiles as they drop a unique item, Hirogen Relics, which is required to obtain Deuterium Canisters.

Players should remember that Hirogen Hostiles can only be found in the new space region, the Delta Quadrant.

We recommend that you explore the space systems within the Delta Quadrant to find them. However, their spawn rate is incredibly low and most STFC players are currently farming them.

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