STFC: Artifacts

Players can obtain Artifacts in STFC to unlock powerful buffs, however, you need to defeat Formation Armadas to procure them.

Gamers can put their tactical abilities to the test in this adventurous video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

Players can progress in the game by building ships, collecting officers, harvesting resources, completing missions and vanquishing enemies. Update 54 introduced a new feature to the game called The Artifact Gallery, which requires Artifacts.

The Artifact Gallery

The Artifact Gallery provides players with a new type of powerful buff progression via new items, Artifacts.

However, this building can only be unlocked once you have reached level 26. In order to construct this building, you need 100 Artifact Gallery Keys, which are distributed through Gifts.

Moreover, players have to complete the Collect and Conquer mission to discover more about the building. Once you have built your Artifact Gallery, you can upgrade it to increase the buffs that you receive.

Players have to procure Artifact Gallery Schematics in order to upgrade the building. You will receive the upgrading material from the Artifact Restoration chest.

STFC: Artifacts

Artifacts are unique and powerful items that grant a variety of impressive buffs to the ones who acquire them. The table below lists some of the buffs that you can receive:

Buff Effect
Scotty’s Trident Scanner It increases ship part cost efficiency for all ship components.
K’T’Inga Scale Replica This buff increases G4 material cost efficiency for all ship components.
Bat’leth of House Martok It increases damage against players for all ships.

As seen in the table, the buffs have an effect on all your ships and therefore, the artifacts are an invaluable addition to your Gallery.

To procure Artifacts, players have to collect shards, which can only be done by defeating Formation Armadas. This is a new enemy species, introduced in update 54, which can only be found in the new space system, Delta Quadrant.

Every Armada has 3 targets, and if they are defeated simultaneously, this will result in the total destruction of the Armada. Unfortunately, only players level 26 and higher can participate in attacks against Formation Armadas.

To initiate an attack, you need 100 Formation Armada Directives from the Daily Goal completion. Additional directives can be found in the “Offers” tab.

When you start the attack on the Formation Armada, you will receive the Leader rewards. Up to 3 additional players can join the attack, but they will not receive Leader rewards.

If you are not interested in defeating Formation Armadas to obtain shards, you can also collect them from the Artifact Restoration chests in the store’s “Artifacts” tab.

The Artifacts tab

Players can purchase Artifact Shards by opening the in-game store and clicking on the new “Artifacts” tab. However, there is another Artifacts tab that allows players to restore Artifacts.

According to the official Discord channel, several players are struggling to find this tab.

Players should scroll past the away teams and multiphasic tabs to find the Artifacts tab in the gift section. However, you can also open this tab by opening your Artifact Gallery.

If you are still unable to locate the menu, you should make sure that you have the latest version of STFC installed.

There are players who have the latest version installed and are still unable to find the tab. It is advised that these players submit a ticket to Scopely.

How to restore Artifacts

During the Collect and Conquer mission, you have to restore Artifacts. This part of the quest serves as a tutorial for the new Artifacts. In order to restore Artifacts, players must click on the Artifact Gallery and select the icon that looks like a small leaf.

Players can find this icon above the building. In the new menu, you will find the options to restore normal Artifacts or to restore Premium Artifacts.

For the quest, players only have to restore a regular Artifact. However, you may want to restore Premium Artifacts once you have collected them.

Artifact tokens

By defeating Formation Armadas, players will receive Artifact Tokens. These are used for Artifact Restoration in the Artifact section of the store. At the time of writing this, players can enjoy an in-game event that requires you to farm Artifact Tokens.

For every token you obtain, you will be rewarded with a certain number of points, which counts towards the event.

However, some STFC players have revealed in the official Discord server that they have not received any points at all, even though they have collected Artifact tokens.

If you are experiencing this issue, you should submit a ticket in the game to make Scopely aware of the problem.

STFC: Artifacts
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