STFC: Armored Voyager

The Armored Voyager refit can be purchased for approximately 99.99 in STFC’s “Offers” tab and it unlocks a new daily claim feature.

Star Trek Fleet Command is an adventurous video game that follows the Kelvin chronology of the popular franchise, Star Trek.

You can therefore encounter the same legendary characters, storylines, vessels and locations in the game as those in the series.

To enhance your vessels, you can equip them with refits, one of which is the Armored Voyager.

STFC: Armored Voyager

STFC’s developer, Scopely, regularly released updates to ensure that the game runs smoothly. A recent update introduced a new refit that players can procure.

To unlock the Armored Voyager refit, players must purchase the corresponding pack in the Offers tab.

This package costs approximately $99.99 and therefore, only players who are willing to spend real money in STFC can unlock it.

To purchase the pack, you have to follow the given instructions, but keep in mind that you must add a payment method to the game if you have not done so already.

After completing the purchase, you will unlock a new daily claim which provides you with Voyager materials.

Keep in mind that you are guaranteed to receive certain rewards, and you have a specific percentage chance at receiving additional rewards.

Allegedly, the rewards you get from the daily claim offer do not change, but you could still get additional rewards if luck is on your side.

STFC: Voyager Refit
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Since it is a daily claim, players who purchase the Armored Refit should ensure that they claim their materials daily. If you claim the reward, you will receive the following items:

Material Quantity Possibility
Deuterium Canister 500 Guaranteed
Exotic Biotoxins 4100 There is a chance that you could receive this material
Exotic Biotoxins 4700 There is a chance that Commanders could receive this material
Exotic Biotoxins 5700 There is a possibility that you will receive this item
Voyager Travel Token 1 There is a chance that players could earn this item

Confused players

Most players assumed that the Armored Voyager refit will increase the Voyager’s armor, however, this is not the case, and name of the refit merely caused some confusion amongst players.

If you are interested in purchasing the refit, you should note that the refit will not increase the vessel’s statistics. You will only be able to claim materials on a daily basis when you purchase the refit.

Is it mandatory to purchase the Armored Voyager refit?

Although the Armored Voyager refit is a tempting offer, players should note that it is not mandatory that they purchase the pack, as it does not impact your progress in STFC.

You can farm the materials for free in the game, but it will take much longer than simply claiming the daily materials.

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