STFC: Exotic Biotoxins

STFC Commanders can use their USS Voyager to uncover and defeat Species 8472 in the galaxy to obtain Exotic Biotoxins.

As you progress in Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) you will be able to construct an assortment of vessels. Each ship has unique abilities that you can use to vanquish hostiles from the galaxy and mine resources.

One of the vessels that you can construct is the USS Voyager, which allows you to collect Artifacts and uncover the hidden wonders of the Delta Quadrant.

Once you have added the Voyager to your fleet, you can upgrade it to enhance its capabilities. To upgrade this vessel, you need to refine Exotic Biotoxins and Anomaly Samples.

Players can refine these materials in the Voyager Refinery, which will harness their true power to enhance the vessel’s abilities.

STFC: Exotic Biotoxins
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To obtain Exotic Biotoxins, you have to vanquish Species 8472 Bioships from the galaxy. Keep in mind though that these hostiles can only be discovered using the Voyager’s Advanced Sensors.

This ability uncovers hidden hostiles in the Delta Quadrant, however, it requires Deuterium Canisters to activate.

Players should also note that this ability is only active for a specific duration, and it has a cooldown, which means that you have to wait for a specific period of time before you can activate it again.

After destroying Species 8472, you will gain Exotic Biotoxins, which can be refined to upgrade the Voyager.

However you can also exchange the Biotoxins for Voyager Travel Tokens, which will allow you to travel to Voyager token space and procure Anomaly Samples.

Commanders can exchange their Anomaly Samples for Artifact Shards, Ship Parts and Research Dust.

Species 8472 location

Similar to other enemies in STFC, Species 8472 only spawns in specific systems:

Species 8472 level Systems
  • Derevio
  • Attana
  • Satar
  • Ini’tarash Rest
  • Crypsotys
  • Asil-A
  • Hyrolaw
  • Xi’taiq
  • Zevritus
  • Ebriosys
  • Perryk
  • Kunnan
  • Bartu’shakai
  • Tauriels
  • Liasoures
  • K’tje
  • Vadeli
  • Oitalka
  • Rearys
  • Sirpa
  • Illusys

As seen in the table, the lowest level of Species 8472 that you can defeat is 35, which indicates that low-level players will not be able to destroy these hostiles.

Furthermore, each of the mentioned systems have a warp range requirement and if your warp range is too low, you will not be able to travel to the systems.

Species 8472 abilities

Every enemy in STFC has unique abilities that will activate when you engage in combat. Before commencing a battle against Species 8472, we recommend that you consider their abilities.

Although there are different levels, they all share the same ability:

Name Description
Energy Focused Beam When the battle begins, Species 8472 Bio-Ships will start charging its Energy Focused Beam. After 8 rounds, the beam will destroy your ship.

Every Species 8472 vessel also has a range of statistics, however, the higher its level, the more powerful its statistics will be. It can therefore be said that a level-60 hostile is more difficult to defeat than a level-35 enemy.

How to construct the Voyager

Unfortunately, you will not be able to discover Species 8472 without the Voyager, which means that you will not be able to farm Exotic Biotoxins.

To add this ship to your fleet, you have to be at least level 30, and if you meet this requirement, you have to conquer Hirogen hostiles in the Delta Quadrant.

Commanders can obtain Hirogen Relics as spoils of victory and refine them in the Voyager Refinery. If you repeat this process, you can obtain the blueprints for the Voyager.

When you reach level 34 and have collected enough blueprints, you can build the Voyager. Only then will you be able to travel to the mentioned systems and uncover Species 8472.

Voyager’s abilities

The Voyager is not only able to uncover hidden hostiles, but it also has other abilities that you can use to progress in STFC. The table below lists its abilities:

Name Description
Advanced Sensors This ability uncovers hidden enemies in the Delta Quadrant, such as the elusive Species 8472. Players have to farm Deuterium Canisters to use this ability.
Astrometrics Scan Commanders can use this ability to scan another player’s ship to find their station. You can use this ability to your advantage to attack other players, though it requires Deuterium Canisters to activate.

As seen in the table, both of the Voyager’s abilities require Deuterium Canisters to activate. This resource can be found after refining Hirogen Relics in the USS Voyager Refinery.

STFC Commanders can farm Hirogen Relics by destroying Hirogen hostiles in the Delta Quadrant.

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