STFC: Isolytic Damage

STFC’s update 55 introduced a new damage type to the game, known as Isolytic, which works alongside kinetic and energy damage to defeat enemies.

Players can complete missions, recruit officers, build ships and explore a galaxy in this exhilarating video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

In the past, gamers were able to deal 2 types of damage, namely, kinetic and energy. However, update 55 introduced a new damage type known as Isolytic.

STFC: Isolytic Damage

Isolytic is a new damage type that works alongside the standard damage types, kinetic and energy. This means that with every shot you fire, Isolytic damage will be dealt in addition to the regular standard damage.

The new damage type is calculated as a percentage of your overall standard damage. But you should bear in mind that it considers all applied buffs, instead of just the base weapon damage.

It is calculated using the following formula: (Total Standard Damage x Isolytic Damage Bonus) divided by (1 + Opponents Isolytic Defense).

When you enhance your ship’s standard damage, it will also increase the Isolytic Damage it inflicts. This essentially means that the new damage type will maintain its value consistently throughout STFC.

While you have various methods with which to mitigate standard damage in the game, Isolytic damage is unique in that it will bypass all traditional means of mitigation. Therefore, it can only be stopped by Isolytic mitigation.

STFC: Isolytic Damage
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This unique attribute enables Isolytic Damage to remain threatening, even when facing foes with high standard mitigation.

How to inflict Isolytic Damage

There are several ways to acquire Isolytic Damage. Players can procure it through Artifacts and Officers during M55. Procuring Isolytic Damage follows a similar process to acquiring other buffs.

Once you can inflict Isolytic Damage, it will remain active under the same circumstances as any other buff.

For instance, Officers are active when they are assigned to a ship, while Artifacts remain active at all times after they are unlocked.

How to increase your Isolytic Damage

There are various ways to increase your Isolytic Damage, however, the method depends on the source. If you acquired Isolytic Damage from Officers, you need to promote them regularly and increase their level.

However if you got Isolytic Damage from Artifacts, you have to upgrade your Artifacts to increase the amount of Isolytic Damage that you deal.

Officers that increase Isolytic Damage

STFC‘s update 55 not only introduced a new damage type, but it also introduced various new officers for you to collect.

Katheryn Janeway’s Officer Ability, Bend the Rules, can increase your Isolytic damage by a certain percentage while you are enjoying the player-versus-environment gaming mode.

At the time of writing this, Katheryn is the only officer that increases your Isolytic Damage, but players can expect additional officers to be released in the future.

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