STFC: Mantis

The Mantis is a new ship in STFC and even though it is mainly used to fight hostiles, it can also be used to fight players.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an exciting video game that allows players to experience the well-renowned Star Trek Universe.

Similarly to the Star Trek series, you have to get ships to explore the galaxy and defeat hostiles. One of the ships that you can acquire is the Mantis.

Ships in STFC

Ships in STFC are your primary means by which to explore the universe, however they can also be used to participate in combat. There are different ships that you can acquire, and each one has unique advantages and disadvantages.

Interceptors, Explorers, and Battleships have accompanying strengths and weaknesses. Players will have a slight advantage in a battle if they select the correct ship type.

In addition to these ships, you can also acquire survey ships, which are essentially used to mine nodes and carry resources.

Survey ships can participate in combat, but they are not particularly good at it.

STFC: Mantis

In August of 2022, STFC announced that a new ship, called the Mantis, was added to the game. The Mantis is a specially devised Battleship, and it was created for the purpose of taking down the Actian Chrysalis and Actian Apex enemies through brute force.

STFC: Mantis
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It was designed by several of the galaxy’s greatest engineers. The Mantis has 1 main objective, which is to stop the looming threat of the Actian Brood.

Keep in mind that you can only get this ship if your operations are at least level 33. The Mantis has a few unique abilities.

In effect, the Mantis is the anti-Cerritos, which means that players can use it to debuff an enemy player’s ship.

If your Alliance is dealing with a rogue whale who is trying to stop your alliance, this is the ship for you. Furthermore, it has a player-versus-environment loop, which includes 2 new daily goals.

17 Actian Hostile systems have been added, targeting levels 33 to 49 with increasing difficulty. This feature is meant for tiers 1-12 of Mantis, based on the level of Mantis research completed and the Ship’s crew compliments.

Players should note that these systems require an Ancient Beacon to travel, which you can claim daily once the Mantis is constructed.

Some hostiles apply temporary buffs to your Mantis. You can collect the buffs to increase your battle effectiveness against Actian Hostiles.

If you defeat enemies with your Mantis, you will earn Actian Venom, which can be used in your Mantis Refinery to acquire other items that are required to upgrade the Mantis.

Mantis crew

There are more than 15 crew members that you can allocate to your Mantis, but some of them are considered a better fit. For the Mantis, you should allocate Officer Stonn, Officer Four of Eleven, and Officer Five of Ten.

While you can allocate La’an below deck. Each of these characters have unique abilities which can influence your Mantis positively. Some of the crew members’ abilities are as follows:

Officer Abilities
Four of Eleven
  • Captain maneuver: Increases Ore mining speed by 60 percent
  • Officer Ability: Increases Cargo size by 40 percent
Officer Stonn
  • Captain maneuver: Increases Ore mining rate by 40 percent
  • Officer Ability: Increases Cargo size, based on his ranks
Five of Ten
  • Captain maneuver: Increases the Shield deflection, Armour, and Dodge by a percentage of the total health of all of the officers on the ship
  • Officer ability: Increases the loot from hostiles by a percentage

Can the Mantis be used for player-versus-player?

Although the Mantis is mainly used for player-versus-environment, it is an excellent support ship for multi-ship player-versus-player battles.

Gamers can use the Mantis’ Venomous Puncture ability to debuff an enemy ship. This ability can make or break battle outcomes for ships that are close to one another in power level.

Bear in mind that this ability requires Condensed Venom, which you can get daily from the Mantis refinery.

Mantis refinery

To open your Mantis’ refinery, open your “Refinery” menu, where a new Mantis tab will appear. In the menu, you will notice several tabs, including the “Mjalan Power Core”, “Ancient Beacons,” and “Condensed Venom,” amongst others.

There are also several tabs that enable you to transform Actian Venom to other items, including Synthetic Nitrium, Synthetic Ion, Hull Fragments, and Syndicate Experience Points. The Hull Fragments can be used to get Strange new Worlds Officer Shards in the Mantis Refinery.

While Synthetic Ion is used to perform Mantis Research, Synthetic Nitrium, on the other hand, is used to upgrade the Mantis. STFC players need all of these items to increase the Mantis’ tier, level, and efficiency in battle.

Moreover, you focus on obtaining Actian Venom to procure these items, which are required to increase the Mantis’ level and tier.

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