STFC: What are the best ships?

The best ships in STFC are determined by your position in the game, meaning that the best early-game ship will not necessarily be good in the endgame phase.

You can put your strategic abilities to the test in this adventurous video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC). In the game, you can collect officers, build ships, mine resource nodes, and explore the galaxy.

There are several ships that you can obtain, each of which has a unique objective. Since there are so many ships, players are curious about what the best ships are in STFC.

Ship mechanics

Ships are a key component of STFC as they allow you to explore the galaxy and to participate in combat. Different ships have varying advantages and disadvantages. You can acquire Survey Ships, Interceptors, Battleships, and Explorers.

Survey Ships are generally used to mine resources, though they can still be used in battle. The objectives of Interceptors, Explorers, and Battleships’ are to defeat enemies and other players. Although these ships can also mine resources, it is not recommended.

If you select the correct ship before you battle, you will get a slight advantage over your enemies. Battleships overrule Explorers, and Explorers have an advantage against Interceptors. Furthermore, Interceptors have a slight advantage over Battleships.

STFC: What are the best ships?

There are more than 50 ships in STFC that you can construct and collect. Since there are so many ships, it can be difficult to determine which ships are preferable over others.

Every ship has a specific tier, and generally speaking, the higher a ship’s tier is, the better it is. However, players can increase a ship’s tier, but this does not imply that it is one of the best ships in STFC.

The best ships in STFC will be determined by the phase that you are in. This means that the best early-game ships are not always considered useful in the endgame phase.

During the early stages of STFC, you have to build several ships, however, the first decent Interceptor that you will acquire is the Phindra. This ship is considered the best early-game ship until you reach level 20, when you will be able to build the Kehra.

Additionally, you can use the Talla, Kumari, and Envoy in the early-game phase. Players should not forget about the Realta though.

STFC: Field Training Realta
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It is the first 1-star, Common Explorer ship that you receive in STFC. It’s ability, Enhanced Shield, increases the Realty’s Shield Health by 10 percent.

In order to build this ship, you need 10 blueprints, but every STFC player will have 10 blueprints when they start the game. If you decide to scrap your Realta, remember that you cannot collect additional blueprints, which means that you cannot build it again.

When you reach higher levels, it is recommended that you construct the Saladin, as it is regarded as the best ship overall.


The Saladin is a 3-star Uncommon Interceptor which is used in dogfighting scenarios, especially in the defence of outposts and Space Stations.

Unlike its cousin, the Mayflower, the Saladin relies on a single nacelle and an array of thrusters along the saucer section to provide its manoeuvrability.

In order to build this ship, you have to farm its blueprints. Players can procure the Saladin blueprints by killing non-player-character enemies, preferably Federation Interceptors, which are level 31 or higher.

It is advisable that you farm these enemies in Aiti, Andoria, Axanar, Siiolux, Thama, and Noakyn.

STFC: What are the best ships?
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Upgrading ships

As previously explained, the higher a ship’s tier is, the better it is. In order to increase a ship’s tier, you have to upgrade it. Players can upgrade any ship that is docked at their station by clicking on the ship at the bottom of your screen to open the ship menu.

You will be able to upgrade a ship to the following tier by selecting the “Manage” icon of the ship. Keep in mind that the upgrading process requires several resources and specific components. You have to upgrade all the components on your ship to unlock the following tier.

Ship crews

If you have one of the best ships in STFC, it is beneficial for you to assign the best crew members to the ship to increase its efficiency.

Crewing is one of the most difficult parts of STFC, as understanding how officers work together requires an intimate knowledge of all of their abilities.

Each faction’s ship complements the strength of a certain ship type. You should therefore assign certain officers from specific factions to certain ships:

Faction Ship
Romulan Battleship
Klingon Interceptor
Federation Explorer

It is also worth noting that certain officers specialise in specific situations. This means that some officers should be assigned to Survey Ships, as their abilities allow them to mine more resources effectively.

On the other hand, some officers should be used during combat as they provide the ship with additional buffs.

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