STFC: Expansion Cube

The Expansion Cube is a new enemy type in STFC that can only be found in Borg Systems, which are scattered across the galaxy.

Gamers can put their strategic abilities to the test in this exhilarating video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

Since the game follows the Kelvin chronology of the classic Star Trek series, you will likely find similar characters, regions, and ships in the game as in the series.

Scopely, STFC’s developer, recently announced update 51, which introduces several new features to the game. One of the features they added is The Expansion Cube, and many players have wondered where it can be found.

What is the Expansion Cube?

The Expansion Cube is a new activity in STFC. Players have to team up with their alliance members to try to defeat it. The Cube comes equipped with Gravimetric Torpedoes hardpoints that deal massive damage to any ship that dares to get in their way.

If you  defeat an Expansion Cube, you will receive Vinculum Fragments, which you can use in the Borg Refinery for exclusive rewards.

You can acquire Borg Queen Shards, Dezoc Shards, Charged Nanoprobes, Active Nanoprobes, Borg SA Directives, and Vi’dar Talios Loot Consumables.

These items can have an influence on your gameplay, as each item has a specific objective in STFC.

STFC: Expansion Cube

The Expansion Cube is a group of Armadas that are located in Borg systems. Players need Expansion Cube Directives to challenge them. You can acquire the Directives by defeating Borg Solo Armadas.

STFC: Expansion Cube locations
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Once you have  a Directive, you can use it to challenge The Expansion Cube when you know where to find the Borg systems. There are several Borg systems in STFC, each of which has a minimum level requirement.

The Borg systems and their system numbers are:

Borg system name Minimum level System Number
Metra Alpha 25 S:575117901
Metra Beta 25 S:338251357]
Metra Gamma 25 Unknown
Benes Alpha 26 S:513140357
Benes Beta 26 S:648840056
Benes Gamma 27 S:1075431916
Benes Delta 27 S:2124972704
Roda Alpha 28 S:328124184
Roda Beta 28 S:2113875578
Roda Gamma 29 Unknown
Roda Delta 30 S:99755816
Corta Alpha 31 S:945933606]
Corta Beta 32 Unknown
Corta Gamma 33 S:1158665545

In order to travel to these systems, you have to procure Transwarp Cells. You can only obtain Transwarp Cells if you have built the Vi’Dar ship.

Once Warp has initiated, a Transwarp Cell will be used from your inventory and if you cancel the warp, the Transwarp Cell will still be consumed. Players should therefore be mindful when warping to the Borg systems.

That being said, you can only have 8 Transwarp Cells in your inventory. If you have more than 8, you cannot claim additional Cells until you have used some in your inventory.

New Borg systems

STFC update 51 introduced several new Borg systems which contain the Expansion Cubes. These systems use the same currency as the other systems, but they contain enemies levels 36 to level 60. The enemies in these systems are extremely powerful and can be difficult to defeat.

The table below lists some of the new Borg systems that you can discover:

System name Level
Solus Daevun 36
Kallidin 37
Ru Vazin 38
Ru Sema 40
Frirab 42
Torvadyna 44
Moxidar 4
Canz 48
Rhaela 50
Baley 52
Solus Ynestri 54
Jovia 58

Which ship should you use to vanquish The Expansion Cube?

The only ship that is capable of countering the devastating Borg Tech is the Vi’dar Talios. This is because the ship has a unique buff known as Foreknowledge. The buff automatically activates once you have destroyed a Borg Sphere.

The buff lasts 1 hour and does not stack. which means that if you defeat another Borg Sphere while the buff is already active, the timer will reset.

Before attempting to defeat The Expansion Cubes, you should construct the Vi’dar Talios. This is because other ships will not be able to defeat the Cubes.

How to acquire the Vi’dar Talios

Update 51 introduced the Vi’dar Talios as well as the missions that you have to complete to construct it. The They Have Adapted mission comprises 2 parts.

The first part is currently available to complete while the second part will only become available near the end of February 2023.

It is essential to remember that the mission is only available to the owners of a tier 9 Vi’dar that are operational at level 35 or higher.

If you meet the requirements, you can start the mission in order to collect some of the blueprints to construct the Talios.

When you have completed the second part of the mission, you will have all the necessary blueprints to construct the ship. You will then be able to defeat The Expansion Cube.

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