Star Trek Fleet Command: Best way to stock up on resources

Resources in Star Trek Fleet Command are a crucial aspect of the game and fortunately, there are various methods you can use to stock up on them.

Star Trek Fleet Command is a thrilling video game in which you can indulge yourself in a fantasy, space realm. Since the game is based on the classic Star Trek series, you will likely experience similar characters, locations, and storylines as seen in the franchise.

All players start the game with a space station and a ship that can be used to defeat enemies, construct buildings, and complete objectives. Every feature and activity in the game, including ship building, requires a specific resource.

Thus, it is recommended that players know as much about resource management and how to stack their resources as possible.


In order to advance in Star Trek Fleet Command, you need 3 resources, namely, Tritanium, Dilithium, and Parsteel. Every resource has an objective in the game:

Resource Description
Dilithium This rare resource is used for the construction of high-level buildings and ships. It is incredibly difficult to obtain
Tritanium It is used to build bulkheads and ship hulls. Players will only notice the lack of this resource in the mid-game phase
Pasteel Parsteel is the main source for constructing buildings in your base. It is easy to obtain, and players will have more than enough during every phase of the game
Star Trek Fleet Command: Best way to stock up on resources
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Star Trek Fleet Command: Best way to stock up on resources

One of your goals in the game is to procure and store the previously mentioned resources. The buildings used for resource production are called generators, and the buildings used for storage are called vaults and warehouses.

Players can produce the 3 main resources regularly by constructing generator buildings. It is recommended that you store your resources in the vaults or warehouses, as they are protected from enemy attacks. Bear in mind that the warehouse provides an increase in your total resource limit.

Resources are essential in Star Trek Fleet Command as you need them to upgrade everything in your base. It is advisable that you do not waste your resources on Ships and Officers of low rarity since they do not get you far in the game.

Instead, you can spend resources on the low rarity Ships and Officers to help you get by. Players should save their resources for when they can access a higher rarity and stronger Ship or Officer.

Star Trek Fleet Command: Best way to stock up on resources
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Additionally to the main resources, players can find Ore, Gas, and Crystals while advancing in the game. To stock up these resources, you can use the Refinery – a building within your Starbase that is used to process raw materials.

These materials are refined in batches of 3000, 15 000, or 50 000 when 2-star, then 170 and 12 000, when 3-star at level 20 for 2 batches of 3-star. Operations must be at level 22.

Players can also partake in the game’s player-versus-player gaming mode and enjoy in-game events to stock up their resources.

Resource generators and warehouses

As previously mentioned, players can construct generators and warehouses to produce and store resources. Keep in mind that each resource has an allocated area in your ship to be generated and stored in.

Your base is divided into 3 parts, each of which is dedicated to a resource. In the left part, players can construct generators and warehouses to acquire Parsteel. The middle area is for Tritanium generators and warehouses, and the right part is used to acquire and store Dilithium.

There are 10 slots in each area, so players can use 30 slots to produce and store resources. But how players use the slots is predetermined; you can construct 8 generators and 2 warehouses for each resource.

Star Trek Fleet Command: Best way to stock up on resources
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Base raiding

Base raiding is Star Trek Fleet Command’s player-versus-player gaming modes, and it is one of the best ways to obtain the 3 main resources. The first step is to find an unshielded base, which can take time.

You may have to search various systems in the game before to find an unshielded base to raid. Once you have selected a base, you have to get past the ships and turrets. Without a doubt, the best base cracking ship is Saladin, but any ship can ‘crack the base’.

After breaking through the base’ defences, players should get the resources as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Mining resources

An alternative way to stock up on resources is mining. The asteroids you see on the system map contain resources that can be mined. Star Trek Fleet Command players can collect resources they need using the mining methods.

It is noteworthy that during mining, your ship becomes vulnerable. This means that other players can attack you at any moment. Therefore, you should ensure that there are no hostiles before you start mining.

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