STFC: Actian systems

There are 17 Actian systems that players can explore in STFC, however, they first have to construct the Mantis.

Gamers can put their tactical skills to the test in this exhilarating mobile game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

The game follows the Kelvin chronology from the classic series, Star Trek, and thus, you will find iconic characters like Kirk, McCoy, Khan, and Spock in the game.

There are several activities in STFC, including constructing ships, mining numerous resources, exploring star systems, and defeating enemies. Although these activities are extremely enjoyable, you should focus on the main story arc.

One of the ships that you can construct is the Mantis, and it enables players to travel to Actian Hostile systems.

How to construct a ship in STFC

Constructing ships is vital to keep a standing fleet ready constantly. In STFC, ships are constructed at the Shipyard, and the building is instrumental to keep the ship supply steady.

You can upgrade the Shipyard to receive additional buffs and benefits. Each upgrade allows players to construct newer models of ships, and every upgrade also decreases the construction time for ships.

It is noteworthy that some ships require a Shipyard level to be constructed. Moreover, you need to collect a specific number of blueprints of the ship to construct it.

STFC: Actian systems

STFC recently introduced the Mantis – a rare battleship that players can construct when their operations building has reached level 33.

STFC: Actian systems
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The ship comes from a secluded and technologically advanced civilisation of Majalis. The battlecruiser ship has weapons that can disable enemies. However, the Mantis was engineered to hunt down Actian Hostiles.

In addition to the Mantis, STFC added 17 Actian Hostile systems, which targets levels 33 to level 49 with increasing difficulty for tiers 1-12 of the ship.

However, the difficulty is based on the level of Mantis research completed and the ship’s crew compliments.

The Actian systems requires an Ancient Beacon to travel, which can be claimed daily when the Mantis is constructed.

Some Actian enemies will grant your Mantis temporary buffs, and you should collect the buffs to increase your battle effectiveness against Actian hostiles.

For every Actian loop that you complete with the Mantis, you will earn SNW Officer shards and Syndicate experience points.

You can collect Officer shards in STFC. With the help of these tokens, players can recruit officers using recruit tokens and assign them to a ship. You can also use these shards to promote your officers’ ranks.

Syndicate experience points can be used to increase the level of your Syndicate tier – a feature in the Orion Syndicate.

Can the Mantis be used in the player-versus-player game mode?

Although player-versus-player is the Mantis’ main focus, it is an excellent support ship for multi-ship player-versus-player battles. Players can use the Mantis’ Venomous Puncture ability to debuff enemy ships.

Allegedly, this ability can determine battle outcomes for ships that are close in power levels. The Mantis’ utility lies in turning the balance in your favour when 2 other ships are about to enter the battle. You can use this against your enemies to aid your allies

To activate Venomous Puncture, the ship requires Condensed Venom, which can be claimed from the refinery daily or purchased from the in-game store.

Constructing and upgrading the Mantis

As stated, you need a specific number of Mantis blueprints to construct the ship. Moreover, your operations building needs to be at least level 33 to build the Mantis.

Bear in mind that it is level locked by a part called the Majalan Power Core, which players can get from the refinery once per level, starting at level 34.

Since the Mantis is a battleship, players need ore and crystals to upgrade it. The ship initially requires Grade 3 materials, but at tier 7, it requires Grade 4 materials.

How to increase your operations’ level

Your operation has to be level 33 before you can construct the Mantis and enter Actian systems. Each level has specific requirements, which are:

Level Requirements Cost
  • Not applicable
  • Not applicable
  • Parsteel Warehouse level 4
  • 400 Parsteel
  • Shipyard level 9
  • Astronautics Studio level 5
  • Drydock B level 9
  • 15 000 Parsteel
  • 250 Tritanium
  • Shipyard level 14
  • Defense Platform A and B level 10
  • 61 200 Parsteel
  • 1125 Tritanium
  • 375 Dilithium
  • 50 Common Refined Ore
  • Shipyard level 19
  • Refinery level 19
  • Defence Technologies level 19
  • 321 100 Parsteel
  • 6 014 Tritanium
  • 2 005 Dilithium
  • 300 2-star Uncommon Refined Ore
  • 5000 2-star Common Refined Ore
  • Shipyard level 24
  • Ship hangar level 24
  • 3.2 million Parsteel
  • 60 000 Tritanium
  • 20 000 Dilithium
  • 700 G3 Common Ore
  • 80 G3 Uncommon Ore
  • Shipyard level 29
  • Ship hangar level 29
  • Defense Platform 3 level 10
  • 31 million Parsteel
  • 580 000 Tritanium
  • 185 000 Dilithium
  • 1600 G3 Common Ore
  • 380 G3 Uncommon Ore
  • Parsteel Warehouse level 34
  • Tritanium Warehouse level 34
  • Dilithium Warehouse level 34
  • 274 million Parsteel
  • 5 million Tritanium
  • 1.2 million Dilithium
  • 3000 G3 Common Ore
  • 100 G3 Rare Refined Ore
  • Shipyard level 39
  • Astronautics studio level 39
  • 400 Ascend Keys
  • 6.5 million Parsteel
  • 45 million tritanium
  • 15 million Dilithium

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