STFC: BDA officer

There are several officers in STFC, however, only a few of the officers have Below Deck Abilities (BDA), which are required to earn points in an event.

Gamers can test their tactical abilities in this explorative video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC). The objective of the game is to explore star systems, vanquish enemies, harvest resources, and expand your fleet by building ships.

In addition to these activities, you can participate in in-game events. For one of the recent events, players have to use BDA officers to earn points. However, several players do not know what BDA officers are.

Officers in STFC

There are 5 primary officer groups in STFC, as well as additional groups that are issued periodically through in-game events. That being said, the following table only focuses on the primary officer groups:

Officer group Description
Broken or Nerfed These officers do not function as they are designed to, or they are nerfed relatively to their peers. Players should avoid using these officers unless there are no other officers available.
Situational This officer can be used to fill in for another when a better officer is not available.
Hostile Heroes They improve combat against enemies and function as specified.
Good Works well on more than 1 ship class, but is not considered a top tier officer.
Excellent They are excellent on more than 1 ship class. They work well against hostiles and in player-versus-player.

STFC: BDA officer

There are several events and activities in STFC. For one of the events, you have to engage in battle against other players in designated systems and outside of designated systems.

However, you can also earn points by defeating enemies in designated systems and if you use BDA officers.

This has caused some confusion, as players do not know what BDA officers are. They are officers with Below Deck Abilities (BDA).

STFC: BDA officer
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It is noteworthy that not all officers have BDA, therefore, your options are limited to the following:

Officer BDA
Badgey Haha! You’re Going to Die: Badgey increases Armor Penetration, Shield Penetration, and Accuracy by 15 percent.
Ghalenar What’s Theirs is Ours: Ghalenar increases Actian Venom and Inert Nanoprobe loot dropped by hostiles by 10 percent of their base value.
Dezoc Adapt and Assimilate: At the beginning of each round, if enemies’ hull health is below 95 percent, the officer has a 40 percent chance to apply Assimilate to it for 4 rounds.
Gossa Closer to Perfection: While fighting a player ship with Assimilate, he increases the ship’s armour, shield deflection, and dodge by 125 percent.
Brad Boimler The Boimler Effect: He increases armour, shield deflection, and dodge by 50 percent.
Sam Rutherford Cybernetic Overclocking: He increases the ship’s shield health by 50 percent
SNW La’an Noonien-Singh Secure Logistics: She increases the ship’s base max cargo by 25 percent.
Miles O’Brien Warp Core Tuning: Increases the ship’s base warp speed by 70 percent.
Kira Nerys Guerrilla Strategy: She reduces opponent player critical hit chance by 10 percent.

Can you only use BDA officers?

In order to earn points during the event, you must assign a BDA officer to your ship. However, you are not limited to the officers in the above-mentioned table. You can also use these:

  • PIC Beverly Crusher
  • Hugh
  • Borg Queen
  • Beckett Mariner
  • D’Vana Tendi
  • SNW Hemmer
  • Odo
  • Reginald Barclay

These BDA Officers are quite rare, which means that not a lot of players, especially early-game gamers, have them.

Although they are considered better than others, you do not need them to earn points in the event. You can use any BDA officer in your ship to earn points.

How to assign a BDA officer

You can assign a BDA officer to your ship by tapping on a ship and selecting the “Manage” icon that appears on the panel.

In the menu,  click on the “Assign officer” tab to assign a BDA officer to the ship. Keep in mind that you have to recall your ship home before you can assign a BDA officer to it.

A BDA officer’s ability only activates once they have been assigned to a ship. Moreover, you only earn points once you have assigned a BDA officer to a ship.

How to recruit officers

If you do not have any BDA officers, you have to recruit them in order to earn points during the even and you can acquire new officers using recruit tokens.

These tokens can be earned by advancing in the game, but keep in mind that there are different recruit tokens, which are outlined below:

Recruit token Description
Ultra Recruit token They can be used to open ultra recruits. Every chest contains 10 officer shards with a guaranteed rare or epic officer shard.
Premium Recruit token You can use it to open premium recruits, which contains uncommon, rare, and epic officers.
Recruit token STFC players can use it to open standard recruits, which contain common, uncommon, and rare officers.

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