STFC: USS Cerritos

STFC recently introduced a unique ship, known as USS Cerritos, which has extraordinary supporting abilities.

Gamers can indulge themselves in a fantasy space world in this adventurous role-playing game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

As its name suggests, the game is based on the classic series, Star Trek and therefore, you will encounter similar characters, locations, and storylines in the game as seen in the series.

When you play the game for the first time, you have to complete an introductory tutorial to familiarise yourself with the mechanics and gameplay. Once the tutorial is completed, players will start with a ship and space station.

As you progress in the game, you can collect additional ships and upgrade them to influence your gameplay. One of the ships you can procure is USS Cerritos, which serves as a supporter.


The ships in STFC are the second most important part of the game, with your crew being the most important. The right ship with the correct crew for the task can conquer stronger ships or defend your station against powerful enemies.

Furthermore, ships serve as your primary means to explore the galaxy. The game has different types of ships, each of which has advantages and disadvantages.

The ships you can obtain in the game are Interceptor, Explorers, Battleships, and Survey Ships.

Players get a slight advantage in battle if they choose the correct ship type. That being said, it is advised that you never enter a battle with a Survey Ship, as they are specifically for mining and transporting resources.

STFC: USS Cerritos

STFC‘s developer, Digit Games occasionally introduces new content and features with a game patch. With patch 4.1, it introduced a new ship called USS Cerritos, which is a California-class utility ship with a powerful active ability: support.

Star Trek Fleet Command: USS Cerritos
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This ship offers support to your own ships, alliance members, and other players. The USS Cerritos supports other ships by temporarily increasing their base damage.

STFC players can gain additional valuable benefits, while supported, by completing research in the Starships tree.

To buff another ship, you have to click on the USS Cerritos and select an ability. After this, you can click on another ship and the USS Cerritos will buff that ship for a while.

Keep in mind that this buff is based on the research that the target does in the Starship’s tree. This means that if you want to buff your own ship, it is based on your own research, but if you buff another player’s ship, it is based on their research.

This requires a currency known as Irvinite, which fortunately, gets cheaper with every level. You can get Irvinite from the daily chest in your refinery section, but you can only have a maximum amount of 30 000 Irvinite in your inventory.

The Cerritos refinery enables players to research a variety of aspects that have a unique effect on the ship once completed. Players should bear in mind that they need Culver Particles before they can commence research.

How to acquire the USS Cerritos

Shortly after its release, players could obtain the USS Cerritos by purchasing the Elite Battle Pass pack along with the Cerritos half unlock pack, or the full unlock pack.

However, if you do not want to invest real-life money, you can participate in a weekly event, which rewards you with 10 blueprints weekly.

The California Class event requires players to destroy hostiles while using a combat buff. Participating in this event 10 times gets you enough blueprints to construct your USS Cerritos.

Once you have unlocked the USS Cerritos, the event changes into one similar to the Sunday Discovery event where you can obtain tokens.

You can use these tokens in the Support Refinery to acquire ship parts and officer shards.

Star Trek Fleet Command: USS Cerritos
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Can the Cerritos be upgraded?

Like other ships, USS Cerritos can be upgraded to increase its abilities, but since it’s a speciality ship, this requires additional resources. The ship’s initial upgrade requires 3-star materials, but by tier 4, it switches to 4-star materials.

It is worth noting that it is an Explorer ship, meaning that players need to spend 3-star explorer parts on it to upgrade it to tier 4. Furthermore, you need Cerritos parts to complete the upgrade.

To reach its maximum upgrade level, you need approximately 2.1 million USS Cerritos parts. Players can get the parts in the Cerritos Refinery.

What is the Cerritos’ wrap range and impulse?

STFC players will have a wrap range of 48 with the Cerritos, but by tier 4, it will have increased to 60.

Similarly to the Discovery, the ship’s warp range has a research boost known as Tactical Retreat, which can be found in the ship’s research tree.

However, you can only unlock this feature once your R&D department has reached level 50. Additionally, the impulse engines are only 85, so the ship is not incredibly fast.

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