STFC: How to get Monaveen

To obtain STFC’s new ship, the Monaveen, you have to earn 200 blueprints, but only 6 blueprints are currently available to F2P players.

Star Trek Fleet Command is an exhilarating video game which follows the Kelvin chronology of the well-renowned series, Star Trek.

Scopely, the game’s developer, recently announced that players can build a new ship: The Monaveen, but most players are unsure of how to obtain it.

STFC Update 58

On Tuesday, 5 September 2023, Scopely released the patch notes for update 58, which is also referred to as Lower Decks II Part 1. The announcement reveals that the USS Cerritos crew is back with new friends, challenges and dragons to face.

From metal rock bands to kidnapped queens, players will have to face a variety of unforgettable adventures. This update introduced a new ship, new officers, new missions and new research nodes and refits.

Moreover, update 58 introduced 2 new enemy species that you may encounter as you explore the vast open world. Players can battle Texas-class hostiles and new Solo Armadas called Automated Shipyards.

STFC: How to get Monaveen

The Lower Decks II Part 1 update introduced The Monaveen, which is an economy-focused ship which provides Commanders with resource and material benefits. However, it also features a unique research tree that offers fleet-wide advantages.

Although this ship can be used to fight countless enemies, it specializes in vanquishing Texas-class ships and Automated Shipyard foes. The Monaveen is a sought-after vessel, however, some STFC players do not know how to procure it.

To construct this ship, you need to farm 200 Monaveen blueprints and Tritanium, Dilithium, 4-star Common Refined Ore and 4-star Common Refined Crystal. To procure the blueprints, you have to complete the Here Be Dragons mission chain.

Unfortunately, this quest chain can only be completed by players level 40 and higher. Keep in mind that you will only receive 6 blueprints for the Monaveen for completing this quest.

As a free-to-play player, you must wait for Scopely to release the remaining blueprints to construct the Monaveen.

That being said, players who are willing to spend real money in STFC can purchase the blueprints for the Monaveen in the in-game store. You cannot complete the Here Be Dragons questline and purchase the remaining blueprints.

This means that you have to purchase all 200 blueprints to construct the Monaveen. Players can open the in-game store and select the Monaveen Blueprints before following the given instructions to complete the payment.

It is noteworthy that it is not mandatory to purchase the blueprints to construct the Monaveen as you will be able to earn the blueprints for free.

Unfortunately, though, you may have to wait several months before you have enough blueprints to construct the ship.

STFC: How to get Monaveen
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Here Be Dragons quest chain

Players can accept the Here Be Dragons Part 1 quest by opening the Holodeck. Keep in mind that you have to complete all 3 parts before you will earn blueprints for the Monaveen.

The following table lists the tasks that you have to complete to earn rich rewards:

Here Be Dragons part Task Rewards
  • Go to Hysperia
  • Locate the Monaveen
  • Defeat 12 hostiles of level 40 and higher
  • Donante Tritanium to repair the Monaveen
  • Meet with Duke Videric
  • Andy Billups
  • Dilithium
  • Premium Recruit Token
  • Common Explorer Parts
  • Confront Marquess Mordred
  • Flight of Fluffy
  • Defeat Mordred’s beast
  • Confirm Duke Videric’s suspicions
  • Find the Majestic Beast Alchemy Coterie
  • Andy Billups
  • Parsteel
  • Raw Ore
  • Speedups
  • Meet with Lieutenant Billups
  • Defeat hostiles level 40 and higher
  • Slow the dragons down
  • Get into the midst of the dragon horde
  • Save Queen Paolana from Mordred’s lair
  • Return the Queen to her palace

Benefits of building the Monaveen

If you construct and deploy the Monaveen, you will receive resource rewards. These rewards commence from the first tier and are tiered according to your level and the ship tier in the Queen’s Favor exchanges.

This means that even when the ship is at tier 1, you will receive rewards based on your current level. This establishes a consistent resource accumulation method, enabling you to choose resources which align with your current needs.

Monaveen events

To celebrate the arrival of STFC‘s Monaveen, Scopely is hosting several in-game events. The table below lists the events alongside their objectives:

Event Dates active Requirement Description
Build the Monaveen Tuesday, 5 September 2023 to Sunday, 24 September 2023 Commanders must be level 40 or higher to participate in this event This Solo Milestone event invites players to construct the Monaveen to score points
Upgrade the Monaveen Tuesday, 5 September 2023 to Monday, 11 September 2023 You have to be level 40 or higher to participate in this event


Players can score points in this event by tiering up their Monaveen

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