STFC: Monaveen Refinery

STFC players can procure resources and materials from the Monaveen Refinery, however you have to construct the ship to access it.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an adventurous video game which invites players to command their own fleet. You have to build ships, recruit officers and complete space-based missions to progress in the game.

One of the ships that you can build is the Monaveen and you will unlock a unique Refinery if you build.

STFC: Monaveen Refinery

The Monaveen is an economy-focused ship introduced with Update 58, which was released on Tuesday, 5 September 2023. Keep in mind that this ship is only available to commanders level 40 and higher.

If you construct this ship, you will unlock the Monaveen Refinery and it offers players unique features. After unlocking the Monaveen, you can travel to the new Texas-class systems which are next to Federation space.

In the new systems, you can battle Texas-class hostiles to earn rewards, which can be exchanged in the Monaveen’s Refinery for Queen’s Favors, Monaveen-related items or Shipyard Directives.

To open the Monaveen Refinery, you must select the Refinery and scroll through the list until you find the Monaveen option.

STFC: Monaveen Refinery
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However, several players recently revealed on the official Discord channel that even though they have constructed the Monaveen, they cannot find the Refinery. If you are experiencing this issue, we recommend that you log a ticket with Scopely.

Discord moderator, Cand1e, recommends that players uninstall and reinstall their game to see if it resolves the Refinery bug.

Keep in mind that you have to log into your Scopely account before you uninstall the game to ensure that you do not lose your progress.

Shipyard Directives

As previously mentioned, you can obtain Shipyard Directives through the Monaveen’s Refinery.

These directives can be used to challenge new Solo Armadas called Automated Shipyards, which will reward you with Shipyard Credits when vanquished.

Once you have accumulated enough Shipyard Credits, you can trade them in for a bounty of resources or materials, respectively, in the Monaveen Refinery.

Players should note that they have to vanquish Texas-class enemies to procure Shipyard Directives.

Attacking Texas-class hostiles

To receive resources or materials from the Monaveen’s Refinery, you have to attack Texas-class hostiles. It is worth noting that attacking a Texas-class hostile directly will force you to lower your peace shield.

When you attack, you will receive a notification similar to the one you get when engaging in PvP. However, hostiles spawn when you are in the Texas-class systems and having one target your ship will not drop your shield.

You can therefore use this tactic to your advantage to keep your peace shield in place.

How to unlock the Refinery

As previously mentioned, you need to construct the Monaveen to get access to its Refinery. To build the Monaveen, STFC Commanders must procure approximately 200 blueprints.

You can either purchase the Monaveen pack to receive the necessary blueprints or you can complete quests to earn them. Keep in mind that you can currently only receive 6 blueprints for the Monaveen.

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