MSF: Archangel minions

MSF players can use Ravager and Mercenary minions in an Archangel team, however, you should attempt to complete the Death Seed team.

Players can enjoy adventurous role-playing elements in this thrilling video game, Marvel Strike Force (MSF). The game’s theme for 2022 is the age of Apocalypse, and Apocalypse is searching for his 4 Horsemen.

One of the Horsemen that you can acquire is Archangel, and many players have wondered what the best minions are for him.

Who is Archangel?

Formerly one of the 5 X-Men, Angel got metal wings from Apocalypse and transformed into Archangel, the Horseman of Death. Similarly to other heroes in MSF, Archangel has powerful abilities that he uses to buff his allies and defeat enemies.

In order to acquire Archangel, players have to participate in the Death Scourge event. Gamers have to complete specific objectives in the event before they can obtain him.

It is unclear whether Archangel will be available for collection in the future or not and therefore, you should be sure collect him while the event is active.

MSF: Archangel minions

Before you begin a fight in MSF, you have to create a team of heroes and supervillains. However, you can select minions, which are non-hero characters, to be a part of your team. That being said, a team with heroes and non-heroes should always consist of 5 members.

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Since there are numerous minions available, many players wonder which minions are best for Archangel. You will essentially create a team with only Archangel as a hero, and the other members will be minions.

If you are interested in creating a team with Archangel and minions, it is recommended that you use Ravagers as well as Mercenaries.

The following table outlines which minions are recommended for Archangel:

Minion Description
Ravager Boomer This heavily-armed space pirate supports his allies with plasma cannon fire
Ravager Bruiser He is a boarding expert that uses an energy shield to divert attacks
Ravager Stitcher A spacefaring doctor that heals the most severe wounds
Mercenary Riot Guard This minion is a tough fighter who draws fire while reducing incoming damage
Mercenary Lieutenant He is a field combat leader that makes allies faster and stronger.

Since you can only build teams comprising 5 members, you have to select 2 Ravager minions to join your team.

Regardless of which Ravager minions you choose, it is crucial that you always use Mercenary Riot Guard and Mercenary Lieutenant in your Archangel team.

This means that you can select your Ravagers based on your preferred playstyle. It is therefore recommended that you experiment with the Ravagers to see which team combination works best for you.

Ravagers’ skills

Similarly to heroes and villains in MSF, minions also have unique abilities. The Ravagers’ skills and a description of each are as follows:

Minion Abilities
Ravager Boomer
  • Plasma Blast: Attacks primary enemy for 340 percent damage. Also applies a Slow effect.
  • Heavy Artillery: He has a 15 percent chance of assisting Ravager allies and he has a 10 percent chance of assisting non-Ravager allies.
Ravager Bruiser
  • Cutlazz: Attacks the enemies to deal 350 percent damage. If the primary target is a protector, the skill applies a Defense Down and a Disrupted effect.
  • Seasoned Fighter: On spawn, Bruiser applies a Defense Up effect on all of the Ravager allies for 2 turns. The ability has a 25 percent Block Chance.
Ravager Stitcher
  • Disintegrator: Clears Deathproof effect from enemies, attacks for 280 percent piercing damage and applies a Heal Block affect.
  • Stimutox Treatment: Gains 25 percent maximum health. On spawn, the minion applies a Regeneration effect for 2 turns on self and all Ravager allies.

Mercenaries’ skills

While in battle, the Mercenaries in your team will use these skills:

Minion Skills
Mercenary Riot Guard
  • Combat Pistol: Attacks enemies for 340 percent damage.
  • Riot Suppression: Gains a 25 percent block chance and a 25 percent Block amount.
Mercenary Lieutenant
  • Cover fire: It attacks the primary target for 290 percent damage. The skill also grants a random ally 1 ability energy , and it grants an ability energy to all Mercenary Villain allies.

Should you always use minions with Archangel?

Although you can create an Archangel minion team, it is recommended that you use him in the Death Seed team.

The Death Seed team is composed of Archangel, Nemesis, Dark Beast, Magneto, and Psylocke. Every character has unique abilities that they can use against enemies.

If you are yet to collect all the members of the Death Seed team, you can use minions to fill up your team until you have procured them all.

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