MSF: Death Scourge team

In order to succeed in MSF Death Scourge Event, it is advised that you use the Bionic Avengers team.

In Marvel Strike Force (MSF), players can immerse themself in the well-renowned Marvel Universe to protect the universe from powerful threats.

Since the game is based on the classic comic and movie franchise, Marvel, you will likely experience similar heroes, super villains, locations, and storylines in MSF.

There are multiple activities that gamers can enjoy in MSF, but it is recommended that they primarily focus on the game’s main story. In addition to completing the main story quests, you can participate in in-game events.

MSF’s developer, Scopely, announced that 2022 is the age of the Apocalypse, and therefore, there are several Scourge events that you can enjoy.

Death is one of the Scourge events that gamers can participate in, however, you need a specific team if you wish to be successful.

Age of Apocalypse

Apocalypse is an undying mutant who believes in survival of the fittest, above all else. He seeks to roll over those who he considers weak.

MSF: Death Scourge team
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Some time ago, a failed attempt at conquest left him sealed away, sleeping in a mystic tomb, but he was awakened by someone with plans of their own.

Once he returns to Earth, Apocalypse seeks to find his new 4 Horsemen, so that he can exact revenge on Earth’s Protectors. He also wishes to claim his throne at the center of the multiverse, and you have to prevent this from happening.

MSF: Death Scourge team

Scourge events is a new game mode in MSF, and it is the only way to unlock character shards for each of the 4 Horsemen. When you enter a Scourge Event, you will be able to adjust the difficulty of the run by afflicting your team with Scourges.

Scourges handicap your team’s overall combat abilities, but additional Scourges increase the rewards at the end of the run. The higher the difficulty, the better the rewards that you will earn if you successfully complete the run.

It is important to note that Scourge Events are only available to complete from time to time, so players should ensure that they participate in the event when it is active.

One of the Horsemen that you can procure by participating in a Scourge Event is Death, but you need to use a specific team of heroes to ensure efficiency. For the Death Scourge Event, you should use a Bionic Avengers team.

The Bionic Avengers team consists of Deathlok, HulkBuster, Iron Man, Vision, and Viv Vision. Each character has unique abilities, which will make defeating the enemies in the Death Scourge Event easier.

The following table provides a description of each team member:

Team member Description
Deathlok A soldier that is reanimated with cybernetic technology, Deathlok eviscerates the enemy team with debilitating blasts while boosting Bionic Avenger allies
HulkBuster HulkBuster is one of Tony Stark’s incredible Iron Man suits, and it functions as a colossal guardian for its team. It grants his allies barriers and draws enemy attacks
Iron Man Iron Man is a versatile damage dealer with high armour, but his health points are quite low
Vision He is a synthetic being that avoids enemy attacks while disabling their abilities
Viv Vision Viv is Vision’s synthetically-created daughter. She bolsters her Bionic Avenger allies by generating Ability Energy and healing them so that they can attack the enemies

What is the T4 priority for the Bionic Avengers?

With regard to the T4 ability mat, also known as the Orange ability materials, you should prioritise the following:

Team member Priority
  • Special (4)
  • Ultimate (10)
  • Passive (11)
  • Basic (13)
  • Passive (1)
  • Ultimate (8)
  • Special (14)
  • Basic (18)
Iron Man
  • Passive (3)
  • Special (9)
  • Ultimate (16)
  • Passive (5)
  • Ultimate (7)
  • Special (12)
  • Basic (17)
Viv Vision
  • Passive (2)
  • Ultimate (6)
  • Basic (15)

What gear should you use for the Bionic Avengers?

It is crucial that MSF players use the correct gear on their characters to ensure efficiency in battles. It is advisable that you use the following Gear Uniques:

Team member Gear Uniques
Deathlok S.H.I.E.L.D Tech
HulkBuster Gravitonium
Iron Man Gamma Radiation
Vision Gamma Radiation
Viv Vision Infinite Energy

What is the gear priority for Bionic Avengers?

If you are interested in playing with the Bionic Avengers, keep in mind that certain characters should receive gear before others.

It is advisable that you equip Deathlok with the recommended gear before equipping HulkBuster. Once they are fully geared, you can equip Vision, Iron Man, and lastly, Viv Vision.

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