MSF: Archangel ISO-8

MSF players can either assign the ISO-8 Raider or Striker class to Archangel, depending on their playstyle.

In Marvel Strike Force (MSF), you can immerse yourself in the fictional Marvel Universe to protect it from powerful enemies.

MSF recently announced the Death Seed team, which features the Archangel character. Various players have wondered what the best ISO-8 is for Archangel.

What is the objective of ISO-8?

ISO-8 is essentially a progression system that allows players to customise their characters. The ISO-8 system is quite complicated, however, once you understand it, you will be able to increase your character’s power.

Players can also boost their characters’ capabilities and create teams of customised characters based on their playstyle. However, before you can do this, you have to acquire ISO-8 crystals to equip them to their designated attributes.

Once you have all the crystals, you can unlock powerful classes which can be applied to your characters to increase their efficiency.

MSF: Archangel ISO-8

Formerly one of the 5 original X-Men, Angel was given metal wings by Apocalypse and transformed into Archangel –  the Horseman of Death.  Archangel, like other heroes in MSF, has powerful abilities that he uses to defeat enemies and to buff his allies.

Marvel Strike Force: Archangel
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These abilities can be increased if you assign the correct ISO-8 class to Archangel. Like most of his Death Seed team, Archangel should be either Raider This is because he has 2 multi-target attacks.

More importantly, Archangel has increased critical chances. This means that every time he or any Death Seed ally crit, he will passively heal his whole team, which is his most important statistic.

As a Raider, Archangel efficiently fits into the Horseman team. That being said, if the Raider class does not suit your playstyle, you can rather assign the Striker class to your Archangel, as these classes are quite similar to one another.

It is noteworthy that you will only be able to assign an ISO-8 class to Archangel once you reach Commander Level 55. Upon unlocking the ISO-8 feature, you will have access to the Isotype-8 Campaign.

Players can acquire ISO-8 crystals by progressing in the Isotype-8 Campaign. There are numerous types of Crystals in the game, and each one focuses on a specific attribute. Once you have a Crystal, you can slot it into Scientist Supreme’s invention, the ISO-Matrix.

Bear in mind that you can only unlock the Raider or Striker team once you have collected all of the necessary Crystals for each attribute and each character trait. Thus, it can take some time to assign an ISO-8 class to Archangel.

What do the Raider and Striker do?

There are different ISO-8 classes that you can unlock in MSF, but this does not mean that each class works on every character. Players should thus carefully consider which ISO-8 class they want to assign to a character.

The table below describes the recommended ISO-8 classes for Archangel:

ISO-8 class Description
Raider Raiders have an increased chance of dealing critical damage and critical hits. When a character with the Raider class crits, they apply a vulnerable effect on their target
Striker They have increased damage, and they can follow up their attacks if the enemy has a vulnerable effect. Bear in mind that the amount of follow-up damage that occurs is determined by the striker’s power and ISO-8 level

How to assign a class to Archangel

Once you have unlocked the Raider or Striker class, you have to assign it to Archangel. To do this, you can select the center of the ISO-8 Matrix to view all of the classes. After selecting a class, you can choose Archangel to assign the class to him.

Bear in mind that you can switch between unlocked classes at any time for free. Players should thus not be afraid to experiment. You can find the right class for every character and the best combination of classes for each team.

Archangel’s abilities

Similarly to other MSF characters, Archangel has several abilities which are outlined in the following table:

Ability Description
Wing Wrath Attacks primary target and adjacent targets for 300 percent damage while applying a Bleed effect. During raids, the ability applies an additional bleed effect to the primary target
Shard Storm It clears 3 negative effects from self and all Death Seed allies, and  applies a Defense Up effect for 2 turns on self and Death Seed allies.

Moreover, it attacks primary and adjacent targets for 330 percent damage

Angel of Death It transfers all positive effects, excluding Taunt and Regeneration, from the primary target to himself. It also switches 3 random positive effects to negative effects. Moreover, the skill attacks a target for 700 percent piercing damage

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