MSF: Contagion Corps

Contagion Corps in MSF is one of the Main Milestone Events that is part of The First Panther event, which is active for 1 month.

In this adventurous game, Marvel Strike Force (MSF), you can immerse yourself in the well-renowned Marvel Universe to protect the world from enemies.

Since MSF is based on the classic comic and movie franchise, Marvel, you will likely experience similar storylines, heroes, locations, and super villains in the game.

There is an array of activities that gamers  can enjoy in MSF, but it is advisable that they primarily focus on the main story. This is because the main quest line is a guide to the game.

Aside from the main story line and the various game modes, you can occasionally enjoy in-game events. One of these events is Contagion Corps.

In-game events

During an in-game event, players get to experience MSF in a new and compelling  way for a limited period of time. When an event is active, you have to complete specific tasks, missions, or objectives to gain valuable rewards.

MSF: Contagion Corps
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The items that you receive during an event can sometimes only be obtained from that specific event. As such, it is recommended that you attempt to participate in every in-game event.

Some of the most successful events include limited-time obstacles, challenges, and tournaments. Every event has specific requirements and mechanics that you need to understand before you can participate in it.

MSF: Contagion Corps

In the First Panther event, players have to travel between the Stone Age and the Information Age. This historic event consists of 4 main milestone events, 4 quick rumble milestones, and 2 alliance milestones.

One of the main milestone events that you can participate in is Contagion Corps, and it commenced on Monday, 7 November 2022.

During the event, you can collect shards, gear, and more to help you prepare for the next run of the Pestilence Scourge Event.

MSF: Contagion Corps
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Moreover, you can progress toward the First Panther with Vibranium Meteorites and the Panther Pelt.

During the Contagion Corps, players have to earn Plaguemonger Orbs from select Campaign nodes and the Viral Vision Web Milestone. You can open these orbs to earn roster-changing rewards.

The orbs contain character shards for Web-Warrior, Dark Hunter Characters, and Darkhold. You will also get gold, gear, and Training Modules.

Players can also score points toward the 7-day Contagion Corps Milestone by opening Plaguemonger Orbs to procure a Panther Pelt, Vibranium Meteorites, Mystic gear, and Shards for Agatha Harkness and Web-Warriors. You can also receive Tier 4 Ability Materials and Elite 5 Credits.

Once the Contagion Corps event concludes, players have to collect items for the Commander’s Cache Milestone event, which begins on 14 November 2022.

Can you earn points from the Contagion Corps Milestone?

The objective of The First Panther in-game event is to earn points by completing milestones. You can earn a huge quantity of points by collecting a range of special items during The First Panther event.

Players can collect Vibranium Meteorites, Panther Pelt, Ancient Claw Necklace, Razor-Sharp Claws, and Heart-Shaped Herbs.

However, you can warm up to 180 Black Panther Shards from the milestone throughout the duration of the event. The milestones also rewards Teal Gear and Black Panther fully-crafted Tier 16 gear pieces.

Is there a leaderboard for The First Panther?

The points that you earn during the event will determine your position on the leaderboard. You have to collect at least 200 000 points to qualify for the leaderboard.

The top 25 players will receive Training Orb Fragments, Armory 17 Orb Fragments, Milestone III Orb Fragments, and Tier 2 Level 5 Ions.

While competitors at other ranks can earn Training Orb Fragments, Milestone III Orb Fragments, Teal and Orange Raid Orb Fragments, and Tier 2 Level 5 Ions.

Additional Milestones

As previously stated, the First Panther event features 4 Main Milestone Events, namely Contagion Corps, Commander’s Cache, Spy Games, and Claws of Fury.

During each mini-event in MSF, players have to complete certain tasks to complete the milestones successfully.

However, you can also participate in 4 Quick Rumble Milestone events which are, Savage Superior, Wakanda Forever, Holiday Rumble, and Merry X-men.

Additionally, there are 2 Coordinated Assault Alliance Milestones, one of which will occur from 11 November 2022 until 18 November 2022. The other event will take place from 25 November 2022 until 2 December 2022.

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